Impact report to senior leadership

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Impact report to senior leadership

Healthcare providers have an ethical and moral duty to guarantee provision of quality care. It is however the role of healthcare managers to ensure that other providers have proper working conditions, there is enough and competent workforce among other factors that influence delivery of quality care. Such considerations are however hardly realized due to notable healthcare challenges. This task looks at one such challenge and the need to establish a new nurse leader to help mitigate the emerging problem.

The Nursing Challenge

The notable nursing challenge is the poor patient satisfaction scores. As stated in the introductory statement, nurses have an essential role in providing quality care. Their roles in the clinical care settings include being care givers for patients, managing their physical needs, preventing illness and providing education about healthcare management after discharge. However, the patient satisfaction survey shows that majority of patients aren’t satisfied with such services (Gabrielsson, Sävenstedt & Olsson, 2016). Rarely do nurses offer relevant information that can aid treatment decision-making. Other nurses complain of nurses being culturally insensitive and incompetent and hence fail to meet the needs of patients.

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The System or Organization

The organization in question is a women’s hospital meant to provide mainly reproductive services. The mission of the hospital is to improve the health of all by providing high quality and compassionate care. The values and philosophy of the hospital is trust, respect and dignity towards achieving healthcare excellence. Its vision is to be a leader in provision of quality care for women and infants. The hospital is headed by the board where the CEO is part, executives, administrators of departments, patient care managers and other service providers (Gilbert, Von & Broome, 2017). However, a new nurse leader is required above the patient care managers to help adhere to proper nursing procedures.

According to systems theory, for a healthcare organization to fully undertake its mandate, all departments or healthcare settings must effectively undertake their responsibilities.

Additionally, healthcare providers must work together through a multidisciplinary approach to guarantee provision of care. Any slight lack of collaboration from any of the healthcare provider may be a hindrance to provision of patient-centered care. In the said organization, there is a general complaint that nurses have failed to meet their responsibilities. From the patient survey score, nurses fail to meet the responsibilities they are given while others don’t have a polite language towards the patients. Some patients feel that the nurses are too harsh and have little regard of their cultural orientation.

Impact report to senior leadership
Impact report to senior leadership

SWOT Analysis

CompanyStrengthThe hospital uses technology which improves efficiency.Competent healthcare providersProper management-employee relationship Emergence of another women’s hospital facility 
 OpportunityPresence of training programsOpportunity for the employment of other providers due to availability of finances Complains from patients specifically about disregard of cultural competency by nursesContinued turn over by nurses 
Impact report to senior leadership

As mentioned before, the biggest undoing is the complains from patients regarding disregard of cultural competency/ sensitivity by nurses. The factors that may easily necessitate a solution for this problem is the establishment of performance appraisal approaches to monitor the performance of nurses. Training programs have to be conducted where refresher courses are offered to help improve the competency levels of the nurses. To achieve this plan, the human resource management department has to establish a new leadership position specifically for undertaking training and research.

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The Position

The new nurse leader will be tasked with training, organizing seminars and workshops as well as monitoring and evaluating the performance of nurses. Additionally, the nurse leader will develop a protocol upon which nurses can specialize in for better service delivery. The position will affect change in that nurses will be more skilled through trainings and specialization. The key leadership skills, knowledge and abilities required for this position include being dedicated to excellence, demonstrate professionalism, be a good communicator and possess mentorship experience.

Impact report to senior leadership

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