Arguments Worksheet

I have attached both articles in one word document and I have also attached the worksheet for this assignment also.

Review both the pro and con argument articles on facial recognition from the University Library and then answer the following questions (your response to each question should be 75-125 words long):

1. Identify the author and source of the pro facial recognition article (using link provided above). Do you think this author/source is credible? Why or why not? (Hint: Review the author’s background, authority, etc.)

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2. Name 1 premise (reasoning/evidence) provided in the pro facial recognition article (using link provided above) and discuss whether this premise is sound or weak/irrelevant and why.

3. Identify the author and source of the con facial recognition article (using link provided above). Do you think this author/source is credible? Why or why not?

4. Name 1 premise (reasoning/evidence) provided in the con facial recognition article (using link provided above) and discuss whether this premise is sound or weak/irrelevant and why.

5. Which of these articles do you feel met all the criteria of a strong argument (clear, relevant, credible, complete, and sound) and why?

6. After reviewing and analyzing both articles, what do you think is the value of understanding multiple viewpoints before forming an opinion or argument?


Legal and Ethical Accountability

Accountability in the nursing profession is directly linked to the ethical and legal aspects of the practice. These aspects influence the nurse’s responses in delivering the right form of care that adheres to the set guidelines of safety and quality required in healthcare (Maude & O’Brien, 2020). Taking into consideration the role that ethics plays in identifying the accountable parties in any situation, helps ensure that the nurses can take responsibility for their actions especially if they resulted in a patient suffering. It also helps them to identify and put into practice the needed practices and protocols required in critical patient care situations.

Theoretical Knowledge

In this situation, the nurse has not committed malpractice since she did take the initiative of calling the doctor when she noticed the declining state of the patient. Also, she kept on checking on the patient’s condition throughout the night, therefore, fulfilling her role and responsibilities which was to ensure that she is constantly aware of the patient’s condition during the shift. The doctor, on the other hand, did commit malpractice. Taking into consideration that it is a nurse’s responsibility to update the doctor on any of the patient’s developments, his choice to ignore the nurse’s report about the 19-years old despite his worsening condition was wrong.

His actions have the characteristics that form medical malpractice in that the patient’s devastating injuries were caused by the doctor’s negligence. Secondly, his actions resulted in the violation of a standard code of care toward the patient, by choosing to sleep instead of attending to the young man (Sweeney et al., 2017). It is the doctor’s professional duty to the patient to ensure that they receive the care they need, without having to consider the doctor’s convenience in the matter. Lastly, his choice to ignore the report resulted in significant damages, which had the potential of costing the patient his leg and possibly his life. Six guidelines help in determining if a nurse has committed malpractice. A nurse is guilty of malpractice if he or she fails to assess and monitor the state of the patient when they should. After assessing their condition, it is the nurse’s job to advocate for the patient’s care. Another guideline is a failure to communicate the patient’s condition to the appropriate authorities (FunKyung & FunKwang, 2016). Also if the nurse does not follow the set standards of healthcare, he or she may be guilty of malpractice. The failure to responsibly use the hospital equipment is another guideline that determines if a nurse has committed any malpractice actions. This occurs if the nurse chooses to use the…

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