Ask a successful person what does he or she thinks are the two most important reasons for getting along with coworkers and managers?

Discussion Question

Ask a successful person what does he or she thinks are the two most important reasons for getting along with coworkers and managers? Compare and contrast your findings with your own reasons for getting along with them.

Please read and respond to the above question. Then, respond meaningfully to at least two other students’ postings.

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Peer Response one

I asked my current employer what she thinks the two most important reasons are for getting along with coworkers and managers and her answers were exactly why I love working for her. Her first answer was that getting along with individuals helps establish comradery and respect, which is important for helping move the organization towards their goals. Each individual is working at this organization (hopefully) because they believe the work and goals of the company are worth striving for. Establishing mutual respect and teamwork is crucial to the success of your organization.

The second reason my current employer gave as to why getting along with coworkers and managers is important is that it harbors a safe space for each employee to give their opinions, ideas, and feedback without the thought of being ridiculed or dismissed. Often times, those who are at the beginning or middle of a process cycle know a little bit more of what can be corrected than those who are at the end of the process, or not involved at all.

Kate McFarlin (2019) showed that getting along with co-workers can result in increased teamwork and collaboration, increased employee morale, increased employee productivity, and higher employee retention rates. When employees feel a connection to their other co-workers or managers, they in turn feel a connection to the company. This connection results in dedicated employees wanting the best for the organization and their co-workers. A healthy work environment results in happy, engaged employees. I believe that these outcomes directly correlate with my current employers reasonings for getting along with co-workers and managers.

McFarlin, K. (2019, February 5). Importance of Relationships in the Workplace. Retrieved June 1, 2020, from

Peer Response two

I asked my current co worker what she thinks is the most important for getting along with coworkers and managers and one of the reasons was growth.  In order to grow in your career you need to be able to get along with your co workers and managers because you dont know how important they can become in your career. They can become a huge asset to your growth or even a good reference. Also she stated it is important to get along with your co workers and managers to be able to have a peaceful work environment. You do not want to work under a leadership or even team member who you cannot work with, for you spend most of your time with your co workers.  I completely agree with my co worker for I have the same belief, it is better to work in a peaceful environment then have to feel uncomfortable with your team member. It also can be crucial to your growth with the company for many ask references and you want to make sure you are given a fair opportunity.


Getting along with Co-workers and Managers

Discussion Post

I asked a successful CEO the two most important reasons for employees to get along with each other and with managers and he gave me two straight reasons: it boosts morale and makes work more fun. The reasons provided are in tandem with my own reasons for getting along at the workplace. Since employees and managers spend much more time in the company of one another, getting along well at the workplace can boost the morale of an individual (McFarlin, 2019). I believe that when co-workers become friendly and support each other, their personal objectives as well as those of the entire organization can easily be achieved. Moreover, it is clear that more time is often spent at the workplaces compared to the time spent with families and friends. Whenever people know one another better, they are bound to work better together. Fostering a good relationship with both co-workers and managers ensures that work brings more fun thus boosting the morale and ultimately the overall productivity.

Response 1

To begin with, it is insightful that the peer decided to interview the current boss to get reliable answers. The post clearly stipulates that having a good relationship with co-workers increases the sense of comradeship which is healthier for an organization. The statement is indeed correct since the sense of teamwork impacts a lot on the overall productivity of an individual within a team. Secondly, the post states that getting along well at the workplace is that it provides employees with a safe place to air their opinions which is also beneficial to the company.

Response 2

The post goes straight into mentioning one of the main reasons that anyone can mention for getting along at the workplace, growth. Besides, the second reason for a good working relationship mentioned in the post is to have a peaceful working environment. However, I feel that the two are tied together since a peaceful work environment boosts self-growth as well as the growth of the organization.

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