Based on this week’s reading and activities, how would you define critical thinking?

Based on this week’s reading and activities, how would you define critical thinking?
What are some characteristics of a critical thinker?
What do you see as common barriers to critical thinking, and how might people overcome or avoid those barriers?
Reflect on the learning activities, concepts, ideas, and topics covered this week. What is the most interesting activity or concept you learned this week? Mention any concepts that are still a bit confusing to you or that you have questions about


Definition of critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is the ability of a person to objectively analyze and evaluate issues to come up with a meaningful judgment.

Characteristics of a Critical Thinker

Many characteristics can be used to define critical thinkers. First, such a person must be inquisitive and curious about different topic areas that come their way. They are also decisive in whatever they do. A good critical thinker should be firm in what they believe in, as they are not easily swayed by arguments that have no facts. Another characteristic is that they are creative in solving situations that face them. Furthermore, critical thinkers can make logical connections between different ideas as they seek to make more reliable …

Barriers to Critical Thinking and how to overcome them

Many issues can prevent one from thinking critically. On a personal level, critical Thinking can be hindered by emotions and feelings. If there is no enough care, a person can act based on emotions and feelings rather than there essential abilities of Thinking. A second barrier is a selective perception or presumption of issues. If a person already has a preconceived conclusion of an issue, it may not be possible to use their critical thinking abilities fully. Other barriers include peer pressure, being self-centered, and egocentrism. Such obstacles can be…

Most interesting activities learned this week and the bit that remains confusing

There are many exciting activities that I have learned this week. However, one notable activity was how to stimulate the mind to think critically. The strategy I have found useful was to ask basic questions as well as being aware of mental processes. What remains confusing is that no one can think critically 100% all the time. I have always imagined that once a person is a critical thinker, h..

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