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Buy Nursing papers that will save you time, Houston and Kindred Hospital Case Study

Houston Methodist Hospital is one of the leading medicinal hospitals with quality
services. The hospital offers primary and acute services for a variety of diseases. It delivers
excellent services in orthopedics, neurology, transplant, cancer, heart, and vascular disease.
Houston Methodist also specializes in a range of conditions such as acute organ failure,
Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, breast cancer, cataracts, and endocrine surgery. The primary
care group provides high-quality patient care for the entire society. The doctors and specialists
are highly skilled and can manage a chronic illness like asthma and high blood pressure. Their
specialty physician group has medical representatives with a range of specialties. These
physicians are also leaders with extensive clinical care. The hospital is also committed to
providing the highest quality pastoral care (Alexandrov et al., 2012). They offer spiritual support
to families and staff regardless of their religious beliefs. For this reason, Houston has achieved
the highest rating in about nine procedures and eight adult specialties.

Although Kindred Hospital’s services are limited compared to Houston Methodist
Hospital, it is expanding its services. The hospital has been serving long-term acute care and is
growing and adding new health services. The hospital treats 105-bed chronic diseases and
critically ill patients. Those who require an extended stay have a place to say in Kindred
Hospital. It also has a 9-bed ICU and six pressure rooms. Like Houston hospital, Kindred has
skilled professionals who provide specialized care to all patients and attend to complex medical
needs (Hickey, 2013). The physicians come to the hospital every day to treat patients and allow
their health to improve. Kindred Hospital offers other services for pulmonary care, palliative
care, organ transplants, and brain injuries.
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Williams & Wilkins.

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