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Community Health Simulation Essay

Community Health Simulation Essay

Demographics Assessment

The health needs and risks of Sentinel City are numerous. Sentinel City not unlike most cities have health needs and risks which have improved but not been completely resolved and always have room for improvement. Sentinel City has a population of 634,265 which is an increase of more than 34,107 since 2010.Included in that total population of Sentinel City more than 5% are less than five years of age. Senior citizens make up greater than 10% and children between six and seventeen make up 20%.White’s make up 86% of the total population. Of the 86%, white alone not Hispanic or Latino 52% and Hispanic or Latino 31%. African  American’s  make up just over 10%,Asian’s and American Indian’s each make up just over 2% a piece. Genders are nearly even 50% male and 50% female. The high school graduation rate in Sentinel city is over 85%. Bachelors or higher degrees held by 42% of those twenty-five years old or older. Sentinel City has a median household income of $49,000. The percentage of Sentinel City residents living below the poverty line are 19%.

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The total population of Sentinel City contains four neighborhoods, which include Nightingale Square with a population of 103,974.Veterens make up nearly 5% or 5,326 of the total population. Only 1.5% of residents are without insurance. The income of $269,550 is the highest median household income and lowest non-insured of all of the neighborhoods in Sentinel City. Casper Park is the largest of the neighborhood’s with a population of 352,643 of which 22.7% are without insurance and has a median household income of $24,672.Acer Tech has a population of 168,390 and a median household income of $166,300. Veterans make up 6,208 of the residents or about 4% of the Acer Tech’s population. Only 1.5% of Acer Tech’s populations are not insured. Industrial Heights has a population of 38,855, median household income of $24,672 and 37% of residents are not insured. Industrial Heights leads in highest population of not insured, lowest population and lowest median household income of all of the neighborhoods. Community Health Simulation Essay

Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory

While touring Sentinel City by bus and on foot numerous types of safety and health concerns were evident. Pollution of smoke from factories and fires started with trash by the homeless in barrels in an attempt to keep warm. The fires by the homeless also are a safety concern to others and property nearby. Stray animals seen throughout the city can spread disease and contaminate food supplies. Stray animals observed near soup kitchens, fresh fruit and vegetable stands could cause contamination concerns and possibly bitten. Industrial Heights has the highest rate of people bitten by stray dogs at 43%.

Crowds of homeless people near entrances of businesses and loitering at bus stops observed could cause fear of possible assault or robbery. Sentinel City lacked enough cross walks for safely crossing streets. Clutter observed throughout the city near or against buildings, which encourages rodent’s infestations. Rodents bring disease and can injury by biting residents. The overall Sentinel City population addiction rate as follows: Tobacco products 25%,Alcohol 25%,Prescription drugs 76% and illicit drugs 80%.High crime rates often correlate with high gang and addition rates. Sentinel City crimes include gang related crimes such as robbery (40), aggravated assault (100), homicide (20) and public intoxication. Community Health Simulation Essay

Windshield Survey

The Windshield Survey provides an overview of Sentinel City relating to the environmental and physical areas. I felt by riding the bus and walking each mode of transport gave a different point of view. By walking, observations made of less noticeable concerns be missed. The city overall was dirty and cluttered. In many areas, trash lined the buildings and graffiti the walls. Sentinel City lacks the funding needed greatly for services and up keep of buildings. Funds for services such as for the homeless lack proper funding. This lack of funding has resulted in more homeless on the street and an increase in crime.

The first area shown is Industrial Heights with a population of 38,855 and an ethnicity mainly Hispanic or Latino. The Downtown Rescue Mission building is in disrepair with walls covered with gang graffiti. The mission is located near the soup kitchen, the surrounding area has broken windows, graffiti, and trash littered streets. The Interfaith Church was remains in good repair with no damage to the walls or windows. The church serves meals from the soup kitchen to the surrounding community of which 64% served are homeless. The area surrounding the soup kitchen appears rundown with trash, stray animals and vehicles in disrepair.

Sentinel City School District observed next and the building in good repair with no broken windows and clean surrounding area. The playgrounds on the grounds are in good repair and clean with children playing. At a nearby street, a crossing guard has seen safely assisting children crossing the street. As the tour continues, more graffiti and scattered trash on the way to Better Health Clinic Building observed. This building appears partially covered walls with gang graffiti and sidewalks broken and as such a safety hazard. Streets that appear cluttered and rodents evident surround Sentinel Department of Transportation. Rodents and trash are safety hazards and health concerns needing addressed by increasing funding for health and environmental services. Near the Bodega building a fire truck, police car and low-income apartments are for rent. The Bodega market appears cluttered outside the front door with graffiti on the walls and sidewalks in disrepair. Community Health Simulation Essay

ABC Daycare building observed first as entering the Casper Park District. The district has a 63% ethnicity of white residents and a population of 352,643. The daycare provides services to low income families that receive daycare assistance based on income. The daycare building has no broken windows or graffiti to walls. The surrounding streets and sidewalks are in good repair and free of any safety hazards. Bus stops are in close proximity to all major buildings, main intersections and appear in good repair. The Sentinel City Affordable Housing Project building observed next with no broken windows, no clutter or trash visible to the area. Near the building, several police officers visible nearby with no noticeable crime or incident present. Community Health Simulation Essay

Acer Tech Center is the next neighborhood with a population of 168,390 and 70% white ethnicity. Acer has a median household income of $166,300. The first building I encounter was Radio Buzz building free of debris and clutter surrounding the area and no graffiti seen on the building. The surrounding streets are busy with people on bikes and jogging. City Hall was in close proximity with graffiti to the side and front of the building but otherwise clean and free of trash. Social services provided at City Hall to those in need. There are picketers near City Hall with signs related to taxes and police officers are present to maintain order and safety. Lily’s Cafe appears well maintain and immediate surrounding area clean from trash. The streets nearby appear cluttered with stray animals near fruit food carts.

Nightingale Square the last neighborhood on the tour with a population of 103,974 and 81% ethnicity of white and has a median household income of $269,550. Joe’s Grocery front of building appears cluttered with trash and boxes against building. The surrounding area has multiple dumpster’s open and stray dogs around all of the clutter. The unsanitary conditions can lead to contamination of food. Lack of sanitary service funding prevents the proper sanitation of the area. The last building is Department of Parks and Recreation and the immediate area is full of trash and rodent infestation present. The side of the building has a moderate amount of graffiti and no broken windows.

Sentinel City is in poor condition. Funding needed to repair and maintain properly facilities and provide services greatly needed. Trash, poor condition of buildings, rodent infestation and stray animals make up a large portion of conditions needing addressed. If the necessary budget reached than, the issues can be resolved and revitalize the city to its prior glory.

  Population Health Scavenger Hunt

Sentinel City provides multiple health related services to the community. Affordable housing provides 44% of the citizen’s shelter due to the low-income average of $30,000.Shelter is obtainable but the drawbacks include the high levels of pollutants from the nearby factories and more than 2,000 property related crimes in the area annually.

Parks and Recreation services provide healthy cooking lessons, lessons on gardening and swimming. After school and summer, programs for children are also a primary focus. Although, these vital services encourage healthy living and provide a safe haven for children the budget cut from 60% to 35% of the total budget. The homeless population and their trespassing remains the highest source of complaints at 35% of total complaints.

The only soup kitchen in the city is located in the industrial heights area. The kitchen serves mostly the homeless but also provides meals to those in need such as the low-income residents. Community Health Simulation Essay

City Hall’s social services department provides assistance with healthcare, WIC and SNAP. Social services in addition provide assistance with fees related to adoption, childcare and head start programs. All of these services focus on giving the low income families proper nutrition, education and the ability to work so they may be less dependent and more independent in life.24,350 citizens are receiving SNAP benefits and 20,000 receiving Medicaid.

Community Health Center services provides preventive healthcare such as breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, sexually transmitted disease services and contraceptive services. HIV was diagnosed in more than 95% of the population twenty-five years or older. Sentinel City’s rate of Hepatitis B diagnoses exceeds 90% of those tested. The number of pregnancies in 15-17 year olds totals 400 of which 175 aborted.

Healthcare System provides services for the elderly that focuses on the elderly’s specific needs. Services provided focus on keeping the elderly as physically independent for as long as possible. Services include transportation, service animals, community centers, medical care advocates and meals on wheels. Medical care advocates for seniors rank as the highest service utilized at 8%.Senior living options such as skilled nursing, long term, assisted living communities and apartments are options and subsidized for those with low incomes.

     Analysis of Collected Data

By evaluating Sentinel City using the tools, the improvements and changes needed greatly vary by district. The demographics of Industrial Heights have the highest population of resident’s not insured, lowest population and lowest median income. As such, the improvements needed are great as compared with Nightingale Square with the highest income least need of repairs. The environmental and physical upkeep of the city attention is greatly needed in regards to the pollution from the factories, clutter on the streets, buildings with broken windows and graffiti  and rodents in food preparation areas .Health and fitness facilities are lacking and more indoor multipurpose areas would be beneficial to all ages and no matter the weather. Community safety needs are not adequate, as stray dogs have bitten 43% of Industrial Heights resident. Increased funding for neutering services and education would be beneficial, as well as providing shelters for the homeless to decrease crime. Increased number of programs are needed that focus on increasing education and thus decreasing the number of those living in poverty.  

    Sentinel City Community Diagnosis


  1. Prevention of unintended pregnancies based on Healthy People 2020 goals by promoting improved level of healthy behaviors (“Healthy People 2020,” 2017). Sentinel City’s rate of abortions of girls ages 15-17 years of age is beyond troubling. Alternative activities to keep youth active and out of trouble are very limited. Sexual education funding for school programs is lacking and limits the number of youth that served.
  2. A goal of healthy people 2020 is promotion of a healthy physical environment including air and land quality (“Healthy People 2020,” 2017).Pollution from factories and trash and rodent infestations. Sentinel City has a profound number of citizens with life altering health conditions because of air and land pollution. Proper filtering of toxins in the air and limits set in place for factory smoke pollution does not exist. Poor land quality with streets littered with trash, clutter, rodent infestation and without services or funding available. Increase in funding for those services would have a positive impact on the air, land and health of the residents in the long term.
  3. Promotion of health and well-being is a goal of Healthy People 2020 by preventing homelessness by increasing safe and affordable housing (“Healthy People 2020,” 2017). Veterans make up a large portion of the homeless population in Sentinel City. Mental health and PTSD services are lacking needed funding.

Community resources that are available in Sentinel City to address unintended pregnancies include Better Health Clinic, Community Health Center, and social service programs from City Hall. Sentinel City continuing to advertise on billboards the consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior for prevention. Community Health Center provides vital education on safer sex practices and providing free contraception. In addition, social services provides abstinence classes as the most effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancies which will dramatically decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies in Sentinel City.

A primary prevention for preventing unwanted pregnancies would be abstinence. Sentinel City provides educational classes offered by the Community Health Center. In addition, condoms to help prevent unwanted pregnancies passed out at the Better Health Clinic and City Hall where social services provided.

     Assessment Strategies

Applying the strategies learned from the simulation environment to my community involves a multi-level approach. The assessment tools provide a well-rounded and unbiased approach to obtaining the data needed. The assessment results clearly identify the weaker areas of the community and allows for   the resources available. Once the needed data is collected implementation of the plans to evaluate, where services are lacking can occur. The setting of goals allows for implementation and evaluation of the results. 


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Community Health Simulation Essay

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