Conflict Management and Team Dynamics

Conflict Management and Team Dynamics

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Discussion Topic: Diversity in Groups

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  • Use “Euro-Disney Stumbles” (p. 130) from the textbook (Adams & Galanes, 2018).


Adams, K. L., & Galanes, G. J. (2018) Communicating in groups applications and skills (10th ed). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Discussion Topic: Use “Euro-Disney Stumbles”

Posted 1

Hello Class and Professor,

Diversity is very important especially if you are trying to move your company to another location. Diversity is all around us, even in our home countries. When a company like Disney is wanting to incorporate their business into another culture, they must ensure that they understand the cultural norms of that country before jumping into it. Although Disney thought it would be fine to just jump into business in Europe, they quickly found that there were differences in business within the country. Disney should have spent some time researching and understanding the differences of the country. Through extensive research the company could have identified the cultural differences and prepared for those when entering into the business market within Europe. Within their research it would have also been important to meet with individuals with the diverse background. Discussing the cultural norms within Europe with someone of the European culture could have helped in their success.

Posted 2

There are many culture differences between North Americans and Europeans. One particular rule North Americans do that would catch a funny eye and maybe even some dirty eyes in some European countries is handling produce at the market. This is not the case in some European countries and some will even give you a plastic glove if you so desperately feel the need to get handsy with the produce. A European custom that may seem silly to people in North America is the fact that they don’t rush you at restaurants and you have to ask for the check or bill. This is mostly due to the fact that tips are not viewed as a requirement in most European nations, so the waiters and waitress are not working for your money much as they are for your respect toward the restaurant and for the consumer to have an enjoyable experience.

The story suggests that “we tend to assume that individuals from other cultures share our values, behaviors, and communication patterns, but they don’t necessarily” (Adams & Galanes, 2018). The Disney executives assumed that the clean-cut value that we share in North America would be accepted at the Euro-Disney. I think one factor that contributed to this not well-thought-out decision by Disney was putting their Disney image ahead of considering culture difference to be successful. Disney wanted to protect and maintain their image by following what has worked in the past without careful consideration of how they could do that and make the attraction fit into the culture the attraction would be.

Posted 3

This is a great read, there are many things in our country that might seem normal but not be normal to other countries. One thing that really comes to mind when I think of the way Europeans think. Most in the United

States believe that when you go to the beach we should be fully clothed or covered. That is not the case in Europe, there are many beaches that are clothing optional. This is normal to them and think we are silly for being that way.

Europeans tend to have less of a personal space than we do. If someone is all up in my face trying to talk, it always seems weird. For Europeans they believe in talking right in your face. This to some Americans would be crazy or silly.

This story to me suggest that the marketing team did not do their research before they started the movement to Europe. Knowing the culture of your projected area, or target market is a must when expanding a business and could have been detrimental to the company. They were able to think quickly and get back on the right track.

I would say that the company thought they were so big, that it would not fail. Sometimes people get complacent and believe nothing can happen. This is a time where they found out they were wrong. The good thing is they were able to overcome the issue.

Conflict Management and Team Dynamics

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