Custom Essay Literature Review: Apple Inc

Custom Essay Literature Review: Apple Inc Every company that wishes to expand and maintain its market share must uphold ideologies and policies that promote innovation and creativity. These inventive concepts will ensure that their business is in a position to make sure that they retain their consumers and attract new ones, even if the competitor’s offer seem more attractive. Having the best employees and managers in the industry is a huge milestone for any company as they are the foundation of generating new ideas in the industry. Consumer behaviors and tastes are ever changing hence making enterprises in the technological industry to invest a lot in studying them, learning a gap and developing innovative techniques to deal with that particular customer problem and gap.

The emergence of smartphones has differentiated itself from the other means of communication by having both the tangible and intangible features in one phone. Over the recent years, mobile phones improvements have tended to be more to vertical rather than horizontal innovation, but that has not changed the fact that a product needs to differentiate itself from its competitors (Ilyas & Ahson 2006). It is essential to note that the internet factors have significantly contributed to development and sophistication of smart mobile phones. Before 2007 many mobile phones manufacturers had integrated the idea of smartphone although not fully until 2007 where introduced a smartphone that embraced the whole idea of a smartphone by adding OS in its features.

Smart and shrewd leaders in the smartphone industry have been characterized by their ability to motivate and generate new ideas for their companies. Manufacturing and developing new technologies have made it possible for major smartphone companies to maintain their market share and have a competitive edge over their competitors. Developing a competitive design has made it possible for these companies to make enormous profits by meeting customer expectations and occasionally exceeding them (Giachetti, 2013).

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In Australia and worldwide, Samsung has experienced a significant growth both in market share and their annual revenues. The growth has been realized as a result of the company accepting the ideas that smartphone industry dominance and survival is possible if companies keep meeting technological expectations of the customers. The number of individuals owning smartphones is increasing at a tremendous rate, but so are their demand for quality products. Smartphone customers are both price and quality sensitive, but quality and creativity behind an invention is the most influential factor in customer’s choice between his or her wide range of varieties.

When manufacturing new technologies, smartphone companies are heavily influenced in determining customer behaviors, influencers, and drivers. Demographic and environmental factors are the primary influencers of how a customer will make a purchasing decision. Demographic factors are individual determinants such as age, education, social lifestyle and attitude toward a given feature (Rasheed, 2012). Environmental factors revolve culture and social influencers that will make a consumer decide to buy a Samsung smartphone over another type of a phone. Smartphone features such as brand name, price, usability, and features are among the imp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Apple, Inc.: Company Analysis Essay

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