Describe the advantages and disadvantages of unions from the perspective of employees and employers?

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of unions from the perspective of employees and employers? What factors have affected labor unions and the employee-employer relationship?


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A labor union refers to an organized group of workers who unite to make decisions aimed at bettering the work conditions and environment in a particular organization. Since unions affect the running of an organization, employees and employers will have a different opinion as to their advantages and disadvantages.

There are several advantages to joining a labor union from the perspective of employees. Some of the benefits include workplace safety, better benefits, collective bargaining, and higher wages. In contrast, the disadvantages include the loss of freedom, legal requirements, the financial costs of membership and the rivalry fostered against bosses as well as other coworkers. Employers also experience some advantages from having labor unions in their organizations (Hammer & Avgar, 2017). Some of the benefits include lower employee turnover, a better-trained workforce, higher productivity, and improved workplace communication. The disadvantages include higher risks of strikes, increased labor costs, potentially more lawsuits and decreased control over the workers. Several factors actively affect labor unions and the employer-employee relationships in an organization. The first factor is the trade union’s management and leadership. Since trade unions are responsible for regulating employer-employee relationships in the workplace, successful leadership ensures that everyone’s rights are adhered to and met. Therefore, creating an organization that has an accommodative and comfortable environment for everyone involved. The second factor is the worker’s participation in both the organization and the union (Hammer & Avgar, 2017). As workers choose to be more…

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