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Develop a Social Venture Feasibility Plan

When Dr Jordan Kassalow was studying to be an optometrist, he participated in medical missions to Latin America. On a trip to Mexico, his team traveled to a site where they found 2,000 people waiting in line for an eye exam. According to Dr. Kassalow:
One of those in line was a 7-year-old boy who was carrying a Braille book. The boy’s family explained that he was blind but as I started to examine his eyes, I soon realized that the boy was just extremely myopic. As I placed the glasses on the boy’s nose, I watched as the blank stare of a blind person transformed into an expression of unadulterated joy—I was witnessing someone seeing his world for the first time.

Dr. Kassalow had found a wicked problem he wanted to solve, he understood the value in finding a solution, and he knew the communities he wanted to serve.

Research Critique and PICOT Statement Final Draft Essay

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For this assignment:

  1. You will develop a Social Venture Feasibility Plan.
  2. The plan will be a slide deck that describes
    a. the wicked problem,
    b. the population you want to work with,
    c. the stakeholders, partners, and collaborators you have identified and
    d. describe key points of your stakeholder interview.
  3. Your slide deck must contain the following:
    i. Background on your wicked problem: The social or environmental injustice you plan to address (1 slide)
    ii. Description of the wicked problem and connection to the SDGs (1–2 slides)
    iii. Reasons why the problem is important
    iv. Possible causes of the problem
    v. Consequences if the problem is not addressed
    vi. Population of interest (1 slide)
    vii. Ideas for addressing the problem (1 slide)
    viii. Where you will look for opportunities that may be tied to the ideas and issues (1 slide)
    ix. What aspects may be most important for your venture (1 slide)
    x. Partners and stakeholders, you have identified (1–2 slides)
    xi. Key points from your stakeholder interview (1 slide)
    xii. References—your final slide(s) should provide the references in APA format you used to support your analysis
  4. The slides should contain the images and brief text you will use to present your idea. Use the notes section to explain what is on each slide.
  5. Benchmark – Research Critiques and PICOT Statement Final Draft

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