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Discussion: Nurse Practitioner Roles in Multidisciplinary Teams

Discussion: Nurse Practitioner Roles in Multidisciplinary Teams
Patient care requires collaboration and communication among members of the multidisciplinary care team. As an advanced practice nurse, you are an important member of this team of medical professionals. By facilitating collaboration among members of the care team, you can ensure that patients’ needs and concerns are met, care plans are individualized, and appropriate treatment and support are available. For this Discussion, you will consider the role you filled in multidisciplinary care in your clinical setting and how this experience might impact your future practice in acute care.
To prepare:
Reflect on your clinical experiences from this week that included multidisciplinary care.
Consider your role as the advanced practice nurse in these experiences. Think about how you contributed to and supported the multidisciplinary teams. Include why your role is important to the holistic care of patients.
Reflect on how these experiences will inform your future clinical practice in acute care settings.
By Day 3
Post a description of this week’s clinical experiences that included multidisciplinary care. Explain your role as the advanced practice nurse in these experiences. Include why your role is important to the holistic care of patients. Then, explain how these experiences will inform your future clinical practice in acute care settings


Discussion 9 Clinical 3

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My clinical experience for multidisciplinary care for this week involve care for a cancer patient. This patient had been diagnosed of stage three cancer and her health was worrying especially from the psychological point of view. The delivery of the psychological health services for the patient had to start from diagnosis to the illness stages (Ebomoyi, 2018). All clinicians offering cancer care involving myself, were heavily involved. The multidisciplinary team comprised of medical oncologists, surgeons, those who offer primary care, radiologists among other specialists like hematologists.

My Role as The Advanced Practice Nurse in This Experience

Since my knowledge of clinical practice spans from class to vast experience, I had a pivotal role to play in this experience. My mandate was however centered on being a nurse practitioner and specialist for cancer management. My work entailed assessing the holistic needs of the patient, using my communication and advocacy skills to make decisions and also acted as a key worker across the entire care pathway (Gray, 2016). In every discipline in the multidisciplinary chain, I added my voice as I had an idea of what the previous team had undertaken. This makes my role to be very crucial to the whole process of patient care.

How These Experiences Will Inform My Future Clinical Practice in Acute Care Settings

These experiences will form the foundation upon which I will ensure quality patient care is given. It will also help me build confidence on how to interact with multidisciplinary professionals, offer my advice openly without offending any care giver or without them feeling demeaned. The multidisciplinary experience will also help me understand how to deal with acute care facilities even in a set up where the facilities are limited (Lowe, Plummer, O’Brien, & Boyd, 2012). This is because the experience gives an idea of how to organize clinical procedures…

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