Discussion: Nursing Homes in Your Community and Neighboring Communities

Nursing homes have become a viable option for geriatric patients who require routine care and need help performing basic activities of daily living, with about 3.3 million patients residing in nursing homes in the United States (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2013). While nursing homes provide care and services to patients, problems can arise resulting in reduced quality of care and, in some cases, illness and morbidity. The severe implications of pressure ulcers make them a major concern for elders residing in nursing homes. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (2013) estimate that 7.5% of nursing home residents have pressure ulcers and about 82,000 patients develop them each year. In your role as the advanced practice nurse, you must understand factors that contribute to the incidence of pressure ulcers in order to improve patient outcomes.

For this Discussion, you examine the prevalence of pressure ulcers in nursing homes and develop strategies for increasing awareness and reducing incidence.

To prepare:

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  • Review Chapter 32 of the Resnick text and Chapter 12 of the Holroyd-Leduc and Reddy text.
  • Select four nursing homes in your community and/or neighboring communities. Research and locate reports on these nursing homes through organizations such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
  • Compare the four nursing homes you selected based on reported cases of the development of new pressure ulcers.
  • Think about factors in the nursing home setting that contribute to pressure ulcer issues, such as patient activity, nutrition, or the number of staff available to care for patients.
  • Research guidelines for the prevention of pressure ulcers. Think about how you might increase awareness among nursing home staff about the incidence and consequences of pressure ulcers in patients.

By Day 3

Post a brief description of the four nursing homes you selected from your community and/or neighboring communities. Compare these four nursing homes based on the reported cases of new pressure ulcers. Then, explain factors in the nursing home setting that might contribute to incidence of pressure ulcer issues. Finally, based on guidelines for the prevention of pressure ulcers, explain how you might increase awareness among nursing home staff about the incidence and consequences of pressure ulcers in patients.

My community is care one and JFK rehab in new jersey.

Discussion 8

The nursing home does not need to be in hospital but it is place established to offer care services to people who cannot be cared for while they are at home. Nursing homes are not only equipped with nursing aiders but also with skilled staffs who offer the needed care on 24 hours routine (Osuala, 2014).  The following nursing homes have been selected; CareOne, Birchwood at Cranford Health, Fellowship village (CCRC), and Edison’s JFK Johnson rehabilitation institute.

Birchwood at Cranford Health is a modest fifteen bed assisted living community that is located in Cranford New Jersey. This nursing home is strategically located at New Robert Wood Johnson hospital among other local institutions such as shopping mall, senior centers, schools and local churches (Birchwood, 2018). OneCare nursing home provides the following services; general supervision, dressing assistance, bathing aid, medication aid, and transportation. Fellowship Village Lifecare Retirement community is a non-profit care retirement community that offers support and healthcare need as well as the lifestyle that one deserves (Fellowship Village, 2018). The JFK Johnson rehabilitation center offers specialized and high-quality rehabilitative services to adults and children with disability. This nursing home offers both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs including; stroke, cardiac, spinal cord, cancer cardiac, amputee among others.

According to Edison’s JFK Johnson rehabilitation institute website, the nursing home focuses on preventing cases of pressure ulcers and the hospital-acquired pressure ulcers were less than five percent in the year 2017 (JFK Center, 2018). At CareOne, cases of pressure ulcers reported during last year were 6.8 percent  (Newman, 2018) and those of Fellowship Village (CCRC) stands at 22 percent for a short stay (Match nursing homes, 2018), while that of Birchwood at Cranford Health was at 23 percent (Ashbrook Care & Rehabilitation Center, 2018)….

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