Emotions, Stress, and Health Essay

Emotions, Stress, and Health

Effects of negative emotions such as hostility and depression on health

Human beings face challenges, some of which are too painful for them to bear that end disrupting their feelings. When one’s emotions are disrupted, he or she develops strong feelings such as stress, sadness, or anxiety. Similarly, good or wanted changes may also be stressful for someone as unwanted changes. For example, someone who has been divorced or lost a job to mention a few can develop strong feelings that can affect his or her health. The body responds to these changes negatively, thus affecting our health. Stress usually affects one’s mind making the body react in a way that tells you something is wrong. Stressful people generally develop high blood pressure, ulcers in their stomachs, and loss of appetite. Consequently, all body changes lead to the deterioration of someone’s health.

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How positive emotions contribute to one’s health

Positive emotions include love, interest, serenity, feelings of belonging, awe, and gratitude. All these emotions tend to broaden our perspective, mind, and heart making us entirely in tune with the surroundings. Positive emotions bring joy and light back into someone’s life. Suppose someone who has recently lost his or her loved one. Such a person can only gain energy if he or she engages in activities that can bring joy and light back. Once someone develops positive emotions, he or she can eat well and participate in all health activities that improve health. It should be noted that someone who is depressed is ever isolated and depressed, something which makes such a person grow weaker because of a lack of interaction and physical exercise.

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