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ESSAY: ADA Accommodation for Medical Marijuana Paper

This is a TEAM assignment. My part of the assignment is as follows:

Analyze whether a reasonable accommodation is appropriate or inappropriate.

I have included what the whole paper will be about. third-person voice.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and include headings to appropriately signal topics and keep your document organized.

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. This will be added into the main paper so no title page is needed for this..

Resource: ADA Accommodation for Medical Marijuana Case Study, Marijuana in the Workplace: A Hazy Issue for Employers By Rachel E. Atterberry 9/18/2015, ADA Accommodation for Medical Marijuana Grading Guide, and Mass: First Workplace Medical Marijuana Lawsuit Filed By Joanne Deschenaux 9/21/2015

Research online law libraries and the Internet for sources concerning information on ADA, ADAAA, state, and federal medical marijuana laws, privacy for drug testing, as well as drug testing in the workplace.

Discuss the case study in a written report – including all its relevant topics – and include the following:

Describe whether the requirements of disability eligibility under ADA and ADAAA are applicable in this circumstance, and discuss whether or not the woman has any valid claim and is entitled to any accommodation. Support your position using federal and state laws or statutes, including any legal cases on the matter.
Evaluate whether or not the company has a valid defense. Support your position using federal or state laws or statutes, and include any legal cases on the matter.
*****Analyze whether a reasonable accommodation is appropriate or inappropriate.****** My part
Cite a minimum of two federal laws and one state law in addition to other sources that apply to this case study, and be sure to cite them correctly in the body of your paper as well as the References page.
Recommend a conflict resolution process that can be used to solve the matter and avoid a lawsuit.


Medical marijuana has been a source of debate since its invention. In some states, some residents have applied and granted cards specifically for medical marijuana. In Ohio, for instance, some dispensaries opened and started selling marijuana following physicians’ prescription for 21 different medical conditions common being chronic pain and cancer. The question however is whether medical marijuana should be made part of the American with Disability Act at the place of work.

According to the Federal law, marijuana is marked as illegal and part of the schedule I controlled substance. Consequently, employees cannot be protected and given special accommodation since it is still classified as an illegal drug. The Federal courts have always maintained that ADA doesn’t have to force employers to provide accommodation for employees that use medical marijuana. Furthermore, the Drug-Free Workplace Act also stipulates that government contracts and grants to be only given to workplaces that are drug- free. Government regulated drivers are also subjected to a policy of being drug-free. The issues of whether employees who use medical marijuana should be granted accommodation is however complicated. However, despite the federal regulations, it is…

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