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ESSAY: Analyse The Big Bang theory – chess clock conversation

Identify, define and comment on interpersonal communication skills/ and or behaviours as per Big Bang theory clip – chess clock conversation. This is the analysis of the skill/behaviour you identify and the relationship between characters. Decide if the skill is used effectively or ineffectively and show your skillsof critical reasoning


Analysis of the Big Bang Theory – Chess Clock Conversation

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            Interpersonal communication is characterized by the exchange of information between two or more people. According to Bambacas and Patrickson (2008), interpersonal communication is also a research area seeking to realize some relational and personal goals. Because of interpersonal communication, it makes it easier to understand how humans make adjustments and adapt their verbal and nonverbal communications between two individuals on a face-to-face basis, how uncertainty within individuals influences behavior, how messages are relayed, and how communication can be deceptive (Penberthy et al., 2018). The focus of this analysis is on the Big Bang Theory – Chess Clock Conversation targeted at examining notable interpersonal communication skills and the behaviors of the two individuals in the clip, as well as the relationship between the two characters.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Verbal Communication

            Verbal communication is an interpersonal communication skill necessary for effective interaction and building rapport. As is the case with the Chess Clock Conversation, persistence is key even when one of the parties is disinterested in conversing. For example, the first part of the clip shows a disconnection between the two characters as the conversation is not focusing on a single top (Best Show Bits, 2012). Both characters are distressed, but because of two different things. While verbal communication is dominant in this clip, their body language and voices are disjointed. In the second part of the clip, the characters resolved to focus on a single subject as their main conversation point.

However, as much as they maintain eye contact sharing their concerns, verbal communication does not last succeed as they keep changing the subject, which makes it difficult to keep up with the conversation. One of the characters (with a white t-shirt) says: “you need to give me some advice,” but is made worse by the other character as he mentions other things. In desperation, the other urges that he wanted advice specific to his situation, but to no avail. With finality, he yelled: “I quit!” (Best Show Bits, 2012). Here, verbal communication is accompanied by changes in behavior although it was not successful.

Active Listening             Another interpersonal communication skill related to The Big Bang Theory – Chess Clock Conversation is ‘active listening.’ At some point, at the beginning of the clip, active listening is lacking. For instance, why the seated character laments why a ‘Steven Hawking’ does not like him, the other character, after entering the room, is complaining about how he violated Penny’s trust by going behind her back, and read the ‘paper’ (Best Show Bits, 2012). To demonstrate that there is no active listening, especially from the seated character…

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