ESSAY: Applying Critical Thinking Reflection

Assignment Content
I have attached the template that is needed for this assignment and the material for the assignment is also attached..

Over the past 5 weeks you have learned about different elements related to critical thinking. You related the concepts to your personal experiences and evaluated your critical thinking skills. You’ve identified fallacies, evaluated arguments, and learned the role of these concepts in your daily life. Now it’s time to apply the concepts. In this assignment, you will review a real-world scenario and apply the critical thinking skills you have developed.

Review the Critical Thinking Scenario.

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Write a 350- to 700-word reflection on the scenario, using the Reflection Template. Follow the instructions within the template to complete your reflection. You will need to include an introduction paragraph to introduce your reader to the topics you will be discussing; 3 body paragraphs, each with specific questions that need to be addressed within; and a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close.

Note: The Reflection Template is already formatted appropriately, and you do not need to make any changes to the format. The questions to help you write the 3 paragraphs are contained in the template. Be sure to demonstrate your critical thinking abilities in your responses to the questions and ensure your paper flows well from topic to topic.


Applying Critical Thinking Reflection
Creating a conducive working environment is a critical element for any organization. The environment created should allow the employees in the company to feel valued and appreciated as they perform the roles and responsibilities assigned to them by the management. Additionally, it ensures that the treat the customers in an exceptional manner thereby encouraging loyalty among the company customers, which will lead to profitability for the company. Therefore, the management needs to identify any barriers and issues that may hinder the employee from performing their job to the fullest of their abilities. Determining these issues beforehand makes it possible for the company to create a workplace that caters to everyone’s needs and hence improving the kind of customer service needed.
Elements of Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is a necessary skill when it comes to handling customers in any organization, therefore it is necessary to identify and determine what kind of barriers may hinder an employee’s ability to think critically when presented with various situations in the customer service department. The barriers to critical thinking tend to affect an…

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