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ESSAY: Best Leader Competition

This portion of the forum assignment will be a competition. Next week you will “vote” on the best submission, but for this week, you will select your model “leader”. You are not required to respond to any students in this section. You only need to write your 250 word essay about your leader, why you selected them to win the competition, and what traits they possess. Your submission can be any single person (a teacher, a coach, a relative, a mentor, a superior, or some other famous person you admire).

Make sure you finalize your “essay” with a clear explanation as to why your person deserves to win the election as “leader of the week”.


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Best Leader Competition

 A good leader should serve with fairness and justice to earn people’s hearts (Western, 2019). Since I started schooling I have been trained by several different coaches. There have been different coaching approaches from every new coach. The coaching techniques keep changing and each coach brings in new methods for training, personal health and overall mentorship. My current coach has been the best compared to the others whom I have experienced before and believe should be chosen as …

The coach is more than a friend and a perfect leader not just to me but also the team. The coaching methods during practice have always been fun with new things to learn each day (Western, 2019). Besides the focus to improve the team, he is always ready to talk to us and share jokes about normal and daily life. The coach appreciates the very small things that we get right in training and points out our mistakes which he later shows us the way to correct. He makes everyone feel at ease at practices and also…

In my opinion, this coach should have been declared a winner already. He has done much than what was expected from him. The coach has been the role model for the whole team and also other students… mingle with in our school. His commitment to excellence and winning has helped raise the mindset of each member of the team even beyond the training ground and competitions. The love he has for all his players helps him get the best out of the team and the desire to make the game fun for the players gets him above other competitors in the competition (Swanson, & Deutsch, 2017). Moreover, he is trusted by all the players because he is always ready to lead by..


Berg, M. E., & Karlsen, J. T. (2016). A study of coaching leadership style practice in projects. Management Research Review, 39(9), 1122-1142.

Swanson, J., & Deutsch, J. (2017). Mentoring in sports for the development of the successful high school coach. Journal of Human Sciences, 14(2), 1158-1180.

Western, S. (2019). Leadership: A critical text. SAGE Publications Limited.

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