ESSAY: COLLAPSE Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice

As they explore the world around them, young children often want to know the “why” and “how” of the things they observe. This is similar to what researchers do when they approach a new problem. Researchers develop new theories or build on old ones to explain the “why” of the world around them. They use models and conceptual frameworks to help explain “how” the processes and events they observe occur. Together, theories and models provide an understanding of the world and allow researchers to explore it in meaningful ways.

Virtually all research questions can benefit from the use of an existing theory or model. Researchers should consider their research questions and select the most suitable theory or model, which then serves as a foundation for the research design. The selection of a theory or model is an important part of the research process.

In this Discussion, you focus on the role of theory and models in research and evidence-based practice.

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To prepare:

Review the information in Chapter 6 of the course text. Focus on the various conceptual theories and models that are currently used in nursing research.
Select one of the theories or models described that is of interest to you.
Using the Walden Library, search for and identify a research article that uses the theory or model you selected.
Reflect on how the theory or model provides structure to the research study described in the article.
Now, think about an issue in your practice area that you would be interested in exploring through research.
Review this week’s media presentation and consider strategies for locating and identifying a relevant theory or model for a research study

Here is the information for the book we use in class if you are able to access it.

Polit, D., & Tatano Beck, C. (2017). Nursing Research Generating and Assesing Evidence for Nursing Practice (10th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.


In the last decade, there has been a significant progress towards adopting the use of theoretical approaches in not only providing better understanding but also in explaining how and why some scientific implementations fail while others succeed (Polit & Beck, 2017).  Theories or models are crucial in facilitating appropriate application and selection of relevant and most suitable approaches in implementing research and practices. As such, theories facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration among the researchers to answer existing …

Besides the phenomenological approach of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX model of inquiry is remarkably XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX affirmed by the fact that there are always new techniques XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX formalism (Polit & Beck, 2017). Indeed, collapse theory allows a clear XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of the features which XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to characterize any type of unified theory as macro or XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX play a significant role in influencing the development of maternal postpartum role collapse. 

According to Feldman, Rosenthal, and Eidelman (2014), the development of maternal postpartum role collapse theory originated from the study of postpartum XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that was more significant among the African American XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the majority of the content of this theory is based on the role of stain, stress and role collapse. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, there is an increasing extension on the role theory to role collapse since it has a direct correlation to the postpartum XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXs is because it is offered as an explanation to the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX depression among women (Feldman, Rosenthal & Eidelman, 2014).

The theory provides a structure to the article authored by Mitchell et al. (2011), through analyzing the historic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that is associated with people or problem of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX postpartum role collapse theory is attributed to the increasing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on postmodern depression that was rampant among the African American women. This condition is attributed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in which women undertake XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX roles and subsequently develop postpartum depression (Feldman, Rosenthal & XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to serious mental health problems among the working mothers in America.

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