ESSAY: Communication

Select a manager and assess his or her communication strengths based on assigned reading concepts/theory. Research can also be supplemented from (but not solely based on) other information from academically credible resources. You may select the same manager as earlier in the course.
Assess that same manager’s communication weaknesses using the assigned reading concepts/theory. Research can also be supplemented from (but not solely based on) other information from academically credible resources.
Defend 2–3 recommendations for management performance improvement in communications based on sound, academically credible concepts and theories from assigned reading and academically credible research.
Assess the organizational culture in which this manager works, including how the culture might be impacting employee performance in the manager’s area.


Managers look for good communication skills among their employees. Sometimes such skills may be inadequate in the workplace and therefore the manager in charge may be required to stand in the gap (Brink, 2015). This paper will focus on the communication strengths and weaknesses of an education manager from a nearby insitution.

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As an effective XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the manager in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX evaluates his employees first XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and then state the message accordingly (Argenti, 2015). He normally XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the likely or available XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to use for communicating with the junior XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the evaluation of these XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, he then chooses the most suitable XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX based on the nature and urgency of the message. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the manager is an active listener. He listens to his employees then comment on what they have to say. The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX usually pay attention to the tone of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ voice and their body language to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX him determine whether the the message is being understood (Block, 2016).  As an effective manager, he also encourages open XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX workers to openly give feedback and ask XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX so that the information in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX message delivered can be understood (Argenti, 2015).

The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX manager, on the other hand, has some communication. First of all, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the manager may fail to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX contemplate the needs of the employees. This XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX happens when the manager is in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX hurry to meet deadlines and hence overworks the employees’ points of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, leading to the loss of important XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the process (Block, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).  The manager also fails to put in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the importance of cultural differences and education levels of the employees, which affects how the latter XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and perceive the information passed XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to them. This means XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the manager needs to pay attention to the employees and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX their beliefs and cultures (Brink, 2015). Another weakness that the manager exhibit entails underestimating the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of physical interruptions on their XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, failing to ensure that the conditions XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX working are suitable (Block, 2016). The manager also fails to understand or focus on the emotional state of the employees to ensure that they areXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXenough to work efficiently (Argenti, 2015).


First and foremost, the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX should define his communication XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Brink, 2015).  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX helps to ensure that they understand what they are expected to do XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX includes providing clear and open communication in the workplace, discussing development opportunities for employees’ careers, and rewarding and encouraging employees to do their jobs XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Secondly, the manager should be in touch with the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX activities and programs within the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX environment. Managers are required to pay attention to every new XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and initiative that is being developed and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX their XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and guidance in the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Thirdly, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX manager should consider providing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-related training and tools (Block, 2016). After being motivated and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX what they are expected to do, workers XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX take communication training and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX as an important resource that can help them achieve XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX objectives….

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