ESSAY: Community nursing and Systems of health

What is the theoretical basis for community nursing? Broadly, what is the relationship of systems to health? How do these systems impact a plan of care? What are your thoughts on the nurse’s role? What is the role of screening and health promotion? What is the impact of economics and ethics on healthcare screening? What is the relationship to collaborative community and national partnerships and policies and the development of screening programs? Do you agree with the goals of health education? What do you think is the greatest barrier?


Community nursing and Systems of health

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Community health nursing, which combines primary healthcare and nursing practice, is essential in promoting quality care. Nurses are called on to offer health services, advocate for preventive care as well as health-related education to populations within the communities. The theoretical basis for community nursing is to advance public health, to ensure that people participate in their healthcare well-being and advocate for community health initiatives for targeted populations.

System’s theory explains that the safety of patients and the quality of care given to them is dependent on people, healthcare institutions, availability of resources, and other dynamics that make healthcare delivery possible. Therefore, systems define the collaborative efforts by all relevant stakeholders that can guarantee quality care delivered to the patients. Systems are also critical in planning for care (Hartzler, Tuzzio, Hsu & Wagner, 2018). Through collaborative efforts, the stakeholders can identify standardized and evidence-based practices that can advocate for holistic care. Additionally, systems make it possible for healthcare providers to plan on the necessary resources and facilities that can guarantee proper care. The patient is the nurse’s priority. Therefore, they are expected to advocate for the patient’s best interests in the process of planning for care. They can as well make suggestions for the plan of treatment in collaboration with other healthcare providers. Screening methods are often used as tools to establish and assess the effectiveness of healthcare interventions. Health promotion, on the other hand, helps improv…

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