ESSAY: Complexity Communication

The following is a quote from James Humes—“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

Porter-O’Grady and Malloch (2015) noted the presence of complexity communication. Critical listening, critical questioning, and critical thinking were each identified as an element of complexity communication. Select two of the three elements and discuss how the element applies to leadership within healthcare and strategies to incorporate the element as part of one’s leadership skills.


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Complex Communication

In nursing leadership, critical listening and critical thinking are important qualities that require concentration and hard work. In order to effectively build a relationship with patients, nurses are required to be keen listeners. Equally, nursing leaders should listen keenly to understand and respond to the challenges experienced by nurses among others staffs in the workplace (Kohpeima Jahromi, Tabatabaee, Esmaeili Abdar & Rajabi, 2016). In fact, keen listening and critical thinking are two intertwined aspects that enhance effective leadership in nursing. 

Critical Listening

To build a relationship with nurses, nurse leaders need to be keen listeners. On the same note, nurses also need to think critically to understand the needs of patients and to develop a fruitful relationship. Nursing leaders should focus on establishing trust with the junior workers through listening to their complaints and taking actions towards bringing some solutions or remedy (Kohpeima Jahromi, Tabatabaee, Esmaeili Abdar & Rajabi, 2016). Nursing leaders should also extend the listening skills through engaging themselves and focusing on the patients. This involves listening to their concerns in details, knowing nurses by their names, and not necessarily depending on health records. They should also ensure that nurse receives the intended message, and understand it as intended. This involves listening to their vision, communicating to them regularly, offering them a channel to air their grievances and including them in decision making (Nanus, 1992).

The strategy for incorporating critical listening as a leadership skill include; establishing trust through building nursing-leadership confidence as well as developing critical listening training programs to impart skills and experience that will help in building the nurse leader relationship (Nanus, 1992). This will help to engage nurses as much as possible and get the most input from them in daily activities. Moreover, nurse leaders should not let their listening to be controlled by anger or emotions. The nursing leader should be fully engaged… 

Critical Thinking

In the recent past, research has established that critical thinking is a fundamental component of nursing education. The reason behind this move is due to the fact that health care tends to be complex by day. This is seen in the increasing adoption of the high-tech environment, and nurse leaders are required to come up with complex decisions focused on delivering effective and safe patient care (The Sentinel Watch, 2014). Nursing leaders also need to pose critical thinking skills for them to be able to function in the highly complex environment. A nursing leader who possesses critical thinking skills has the potential to become a transformational leader through challenging assumptions, coming up with creative solutions, understanding the problem through its underlying causes, and developing more robust solutions (The Sentinel Watch, 2014).  If a nursing leader ..

The strategies that can be adapted to enhance critical thinking among nursing leaders include integrating critical thinking course in nursing education (The Sentinel Watch, 2014).  When faced with a complex situation, one should inquire about the truth through an active investigation into the situation or problem (Ericksen, 2017). Asking questions about things that are not clear to you make sure to fully understand them as they relate to the nursing facility and the entire nursing industry (Lawrence & Levy, 2012). One should take time to reflect on the thinking process and the methods used to reach the conclusion and identify possible prejudice as well as eliminate them as one progress towards multi-dimensi…


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