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ESSAY: Comprehensive and Secure Network Solution


Rocky Mountain Corporation (RMC) has relocated to a new building that was previously wired and set up for a local area network (LAN). The company implemented a 50-user client/server-based wireless network, using WPA in which all printers, folders, and other resources are shared; everyone has access to everything and there is no security outside of the defaults that were in place when the system was set up.

You have been hired to secure the RMC network and ensure that the company has a properly designed network that allows for future growth (500 users in 12 months) and for the highest levels of security to protect against internal and external attacks.

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RMC has scheduled a meeting with its key executives and you in order to provide you with any additional information you may need.


In an 8- to 10-page proposal, address the following three sections and their action items to provide a comprehensive secure environment:

Section 1: Topology (type of network) and Network Devices

RMC needs to set up a network; it requires clarification regarding the type of network (or topology) in order to properly configure the connections among all PCs within the organization. The company is looking for guidance regarding the type of network devices that will connect devices to the local area network (LAN).

The company asks that you explain what internal and external networking components are required (explain each and justify why you chose the network devices you did).
Provide a cryptography method that will ensure vital data is encrypted. Provide an explanation of what network protocols will be used on the LAN and why.
Ensure that the network has the capacity to:
Connect all users to company resources (e.g. printers, scanners, and other items);
Provide file sharing options;
Manage these resources in a central location;
Allow for internal users to access the internet; and,
Allow external users and vendors to access the LAN remotely.
Your proposal should include budgetary cost estimates for the chosen topology.

Section 2: IP Infrastructure

RMC has asked that you provide details regarding an IP structure (which includes static, DHCP—or the possibility of both—and proper IP class assignment), which is mindful of the company’s expectation of continued growth.

Provide a remote access plan to ensure that users who access the network remotely do so in a secure and efficient manner.

Section 3: Security

Basic security has been in place and now the company would like you to make this a more secure facility in hopes of protecting against internal and external security threats.

Generate a plan to provide secure access control methods for all internal-user access including a viable password policy, which includes complexity, duration, and history requirements.
Provide a thorough plan to protect the network from malware and various types of malicious attacks.

Submission Requirements

Your proposal should include all of the bulleted elements in the three sections above, with support, detail, and elaboration for each section explicitly grounded in knowledge from the assigned readings and media along with outside sources.

Your paper must be 8-10 pages in length, not including the required cover and references pages.
Include a minimum of six sources. (For each of the three sections, include at least two scholarly references as well as material from the Network Pro LabSim.) The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find your sources.
You cannot use your textbook as your primary source of information. You must draw on other sources such as books, websites, business and trade journals, legal and compliance journals, government agencies, professional associations, and industry standards, for example.
Visit the Library’s special research guide (Links to an external site.) for this discipline.
If you have questions about the format or content of references, discuss it with your instructor.
Ensure your entire document, including citations of sources, is in conformity with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.). Visit the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.) to find numerous guides on how to write and research papers including an APA template paper (Links to an external site.).
Your submission should include the following (title each portion accordingly):
Cover page.
Abstract: The abstract is an “executive overview” of your paper. It must be a 50- to 100-word summary that would be appropriate to present to a manager. The abstract provides the reader with the essence of your project without reading the paper in its entirety.
Table of Contents: This lists the sections of your paper with corresponding page numbers. Include tables and figures (if you have more than two in your paper), and any appendices.
Introduction: In this section, state the basis of the Detailed Technical Proposal—Comprehensive and Secure Solution example that you will be presenting. Discuss how this analysis will be based upon the concepts studied in the course.
Body of the paper: Include discussion, implications, and conclusion/recommendations. Provide a thorough discussion of your findings and the implications of your study. Use as headings each of the three sections under Instructions.



This paper aims to provide the Rocky Mountain Corporation with a comprehensive and secure network solution for its new office system. The paper addresses the main aspects of topology, IP infrastructure, and security. All three elements are vital to ensuring that the setup system caters to the needs of the company and its users. The system created should also ensure the safety of the company’s information from external and internal threats. This paper also addresses the practical steps and components that would be a necessity in the creation of a functional and secure system for RMC. It does this by providing the basic structure of the LAN network the company intends to use as well as addresses the possible downsides to the system and any choices they make as pertains to the system they want to create.

Section 1: Topology and Network Devices

Star Topology

The topology that would best suit Rocky Mountain Corporation (RMC) is the star topology. This is because the connection between the nodes and the hub is centralized. The hub is the central collector and distributor of the data throughout the computer system (Bisht & Singh, 2015). This topology would also best suit RMC because, as the company continues to grow, they will need to ensure that data delivered through the system goes to its intended recipient. It can also support up to 1024 devices, which meets the company’s growth goals.

Internal and External Components

Several internal and external networking components are necessary for the installation of star topology in the company. The first component is the Network Interface Card (NIC), which will help in connecting the different nodes to the media, works as a network adapter, and gives unique machine access code (Barranco et al., 2006). Secondly, it requires a hub, which will be essential in splitting the network connection into the multiple computers connected to the network.  Thirdly, the local operating system grants personal computers to gain access to files and other devices on the network, such as printers. The fourth component is the switch, which acts as an advanced hub. It helps the system to deliver the incoming messages to the right destination accurately. The fifth component is the router, which will be useful in creating a connection between the LAN and the internet. Lastly, there is also a need for a LAN cable, which will connect the physical devices on the network to the internet.


The cryptography method that would best suit RMC is the hash function. This method would help ensure that the company’s data is kept safe from unauthorized users, whether from external sources and within the company. The hash function uses a mathematical function to convert numerical input into a compressed value, referred to as a hash value or message digest (Kahate, 2013). The hash function is a one-way function that will always generate the same hash value for the same string of arbitrary-length data, making that data string specific to a hash value. It is a cryptography method that is quite difficult to reverse and crack since it does not use a key like most encryption methods, making it entirely secure for company data.


The protocols that will be used on the LAN network in the company are Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) and Ethernet. The FDDI protocol will help define how data traffic is transmitted over the network (Li & Liao, 2002). This would be particularly essential in the areas where security measures need to be intensified.  The Ethernet uses a copper cable medium and is quite efficient in office settings. It makes use of the hub or switches in the system to exchange data between the connected devices.

LAN Capability

The LAN network can connect all the users to the company resources since it can support up to 1024 devices, which is more than what RMC projects to have in twelve months. The users will also be in a position to access the various devices connected to the network, such as the scanners and printers (Li & Liao, 2002). The use…

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