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ESSAY: Conflict Case Study

Discussion Questions:

What are the conflicts in this case?
What are the type and level of conflict in the case study?
Discuss the model you would use for management and negotiation of the conflict in this case study.


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Conflict Case Study

            There are some conflicts in this case. First, there was a conflict that involved Kevin managing the physical therapy (PT) EMR project, and the PT staff that was tasked to address issues arising from the recent EMR system implementation. In this case, Kevin was at a conflicting position as more staff was required to handle the problem, but it was difficult to commit to the stipulated time since the leadership did not consider it a priority. Other conflicts comprised balancing between ensuring the staff remain happy and handling constraints to advance the PT project, the abrasiveness of some individuals during the meeting, and gridlock of the PT project and channeling of resources.

           The type and level of conflict in the case study is man versus man/internal conflict. According to Gunia (2019), man versus man conflict is common, and it involves characters opposing others’ reactions, motivations, and actions. In this case, the conflict involving Kevin and the team (staff) about the PT project is between people belonging to one organization. The conflict is attributed to the misunderstanding, which is internal, and therefore it requires internal solutions (Lewicki et al., 2015). The case also involves the team putting Kevin in a conflicting position, in addition to the staff having different project propositions, different motivations, and varying views, thus the uneasiness.            I would use the win-win model to manage conflict and negotiate a trues/solution. Jagodzinska (2016) emphasizes that all individuals in the negotiation team wins, which means nobody is at a loss in the model. By adopting the….

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