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ESSAY: Cost/benefit analysis

Over the last couple of weeks, we have read about accounting and decision making. We are going to apply these concepts to your idea from week 2. Provide a cost/benefit analysis for your idea. Make sure to mention any sunk or opportunity costs involved in the implementation of this policy as well as the long-term increase in projected profitability. You are permitted to use fictional numbers as far as costs go, but you should provide research to support any opportunity costs or projected profitability. You can find industry averages for various program costs and projected benefits.


Motivation in an organization has to result in a positive change in organizational behavior. Montibeller and Von Winterfeldt (2015) argue that it will be inconsequential to have a motivation program whose effects on the returns of the organization are negligible. I believe that the motivation scheme of a company should be objective; there should be a target behavior that the management expects from the workforce. One of the issues that I have noticed from my workplace is that the management awards gifts and other motivational tools such as holidays to people that have met what is considered exemplary performance. However, one of the issues with the motivational programs is that the management seems not to have a defined approach that determines how people are awarded the gifts and other motivational tools. I believe that the organization should have a strategy where it evaluates how certain employee efforts have contributed to the growth of the business. Considerably, I have realized that any employee effort is change. However, motivation should not be a ritual, but it should reward performance. To introduce such an approach, one should have a cost/benefit analysis that looks into how a motivation program will influence the growth of the business. However, I have noticed that each behavior has a different outcome.  As such, not all positive behavior in the organization will result in profitability since there certain conduct that will promote the desired organizational values or culture. Therefore, it is crucial to look at some of the behavior and determine the cost and the subsequent benefit that it has to the organization.

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Behavior in the organization

Salaries and allowances In an organization, there is behavior that is linked to the job description of an individual. For instance, skilled workers are salaried more than unskilled workers. Although salaries are an entitlement for an individual, they also act as a motivation tool. Shin and Konrad (2017) indicate that companies pay skilled work because their contribution..

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