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ESSAY: Cost/ benefit

I have a strong feeling that if employees are given freedom, they can utilize the little time they have in a better way. For instance, assume that in an 8-hour day of working, an employee is given one free hour to think and be as innovative as possible on aspects of the organizations. Such an initiative will see most employees become creative and deliver even on mandates that are beyond their normal day to day schedules. I suggest that every employee be given 20% of their daily time at the place of work to undertake duties that entice them. This is a motivation strategy that I know most organizations may not be very ready to embrace but I am so much convinced that it is one of the best ways to motivate employees and to ensure that they fully think independently on matters that they feel can help an organization move forward. I believe that such initiatives can easily see employees work overtime without being told to do so, just to make their ideas come true.


Cost Benefit Analysis

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A cost benefit analysis of the motivation policy proposed would help in evaluating the benefits of the proposal once implemented in comparison to the costs involved with an aim of coming up with the best decision.

By offering 20% of the time to the workers for self-reflection and innovation, the organization is likely to incur losses in terms of lost production hours and poor customer service.

On the other hand, a huge potential exists in offering them the time as a motivation. The main benefit of the motivation is that employees will have time to ponder on their work activities thus developing creative ideas on how to effectively perform their tasks. A relaxed mind is more productive. The motivation will ensure that the creative ideas that employees develop are used in improving the company’s productivity. For instance, the impact of the twenty percent time motivation would be seen through incorporation of innovative means developed by the employees to boost returns. Maneuvering through a tough task would take less time thus earn the company…

The motivation approach will also benefit the organization through developing a channel for employee skills development. Other techniques are adopted by firms such as coaching and training that incur additional costs. The time taken by employees during their break will offer a self-realization and motivation concept of skills development thus saving the company’s costs and increasing…

The benefits received from the motivation proposal are far much greater as compared to the costs that the organization will incur. The cost benefit analysis therefore, illustrates that it would be a wise decision for the institution to…

cost/ benefit

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