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ESSAY: COVID-19 Case study

I gathered and filled up the data for the case study. I needs help with answering those questions below. I don’t care which part of the case study you will pick to answer question #1 or 2. I am including a case study file.
Assignment: For your initial post, construct a response of 250 words (total) answering the following questions about the SIM scenario/Case study that you went over this week. Please provide at least one professional reference.
1. What did you do well in this case study?
2. What knowledge gaps did you identify?
3. What did you learn?
4. How will you apply this learning to your future patients?


COVID-19 Case Study

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            There are some things I did well in the case study. First, I successfully collected relevant data on the medical history of a 68-year-old African American clinically significant to the nursing team for the effective management of COVID-19. I also determined the steps in the chain of infection of the virus namely the infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, transmission mode, and portal of entry. I also determined the specific body systems requiring focus and constant assessment in the management process of the infection.

           There are existing knowledge gaps, however, I identified while conducting the case study. Previous research on COVID-19 is non-existent except for studies on the avian flu and H1N1, which means there is knowledge of the impact facemasks have on the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic (Adhikari et al., 2020). There is also no study and knowledge of the actual cause of the virus, and the connection between the virus and bats are unsatisfactory.

           From the case study, I learned how to interpret diagnostic data. For instance, radiology reports are clinically significant, especially in the management of viral pneumonia – a common progression or complication of COVID-19 (Adhikari et al., 2020). At the same time, I learned that diagnostic data is of clinical significance, and the collection process should be correct as it informs effective detection of inflammation or infection, diagnosis confirmation, and facilitating oxygenation.            Lastly, the knowledge from the case study will be used for my future patients, first, by ensuring I collect enough information about their medical histories before conducting an assessment to establish the various symptoms that will inform my judgment. I will also follow all the steps in the infection chain

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