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ESSAY: Current Health-care initiative or legislative statue in California or federally

Research a health-care initiative or legislative statue that is currently underway in your state (California) or federally. You may want to check with nursing organizations that have legislative departments that can provide their analysis on current health-care issues. You may also conduct online research to identify current issues. Discuss how you can take an active role as a health-care advocate (at the local, state, or federal level as appropriate). Identify one tacitic to advocate for your identified initiative or legislation.


On his inauguration day, California Governor, Gavin Newson, announced that a significant healthcare project was underway. The primary aim of the scheme is to resist Republican efforts to resolve the Affordable Care Act (Bindman, Marian Mulkey & Kronick, 2018). Like other politicians, he embraces the Medicare system under which the single payer system exists. However, his healthcare push is what differs from others and is more empirical, adding to the existent Obamacare system rather than doing away with it for mor…

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The governor’s first move is to compel each Californian to either get health insurance or pay a fine. Thus, they would attract more people, especially those who are younger and healthier, towards a shared state pool, thus lowering the individual premium costs (Board, 2019). He also aims to reduce these costs by injecting some federal and state subsidies making….

The initiative will, therefore, cover even those who may not have insurance under Obamacare as well as those who may not be insured by their employers. The program is deemed to last if it covers more people who render it more stable and also cheap to operate (Bindman, Marian Mulkey & Kronick, 2018). All the states, as well as the federal government, should, therefore, embrace …

As a health care advocate, I would ensure that my client, the patient, understands such insurance policies and what they cover. I would then advise them on whether or not to consider getting insured under such a program (Board, 2019). California’s healthcare initiative seems promising, and I would, therefore, urge my clients to get covered under this initiative. For those who…

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