ESSAY: Data Collection

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Week 5: Data Collection

Data collection is at the center of research because the facts gathered will contribute new information as well as answer the research question. For this discussion, please respond to each of the following topics.
• Refine your PICOT question.
• Explain your specific research approach (qualitative or quantitative) and how it has the potential to answer your research question.
• Discuss you data collection method, addressing strengths and identifying one potential weakness.
• Identify the actions you are proposing that will help ensure that quality data may be produced by your EBP project.

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Dr. Adams and class,

Week 5 Data Collection

PICO Question

P: Among health care workers and patients,

I: Does hand washing protocol,

C: Compared to no hand washing protocol,

O: minimize hospital acquired infections in an adult in-patient critical care department in the course of hospitalization

Research Approach

Data collection is an integral part of any research method. Inefficient and misleading data collection techniques can adversely affect the outcomes of a study and ultimately contribute to misleading findings. The selected data collection techniques depend on the research method adopted. For my research problem, I will employ qualitative research approach. Qualitative data collection techniques evaluate the impact by providing information valuable to understand the processes behind the witnessed outcomes and analyze changes in the perceptions of people. Additionally, this research method will help generate evaluation hypothesis. The respondents will be interviewed multiple times to follow up on the issue of hand washing protocol, check the consistency of data and clarify concepts. On the same note, qualitative research method will allow use of triangulation to enhance the credibility of the findings

Data Collection Method

Interviews will help explore the experiences, views, beliefs and motivations of patients and health care workers with respect to a hand washing protocol. Interviews provide a better and in-depth understanding of a social issue than would be learnt from a quantitative approach technique such as questionnaire. Since a detailed insight is required from the health care workers and patients, interviewing is the most appropriate data collection method. The method is also particularly suitable for a sensitive issue like hand washing because the respondents may feel uncomfortable talking about it in a group setting.

When formulating the interview schedule it will be paramount to incorporate questions that have a high potential of yielding as much data about the issue of hand washing protocol as possible and also assist in addressing the objectives of the study. The questions should be open-ended, understandable, sensitive and neutral. It is recommendable to begin with questions that the respondents can respond to with ease as you proceed to more sensitive and complex concepts. This may assist put participants at ease, build rapport, and generate rich data that subsequently advances the interview further (Flick, 2018).

Before the study commences, the respondents will be briefed about the fine details of the research process. The ethical issues such as confidentiality will also be explained in advance. This will give the participants an idea of what to expect, boost the level of honesty in the interview process and is also an integral part of the informed consent requirement.

One of the main weakness of interviews as data collection tool in research is time wastage. Data analysis tend to be complex and time consuming. After data collection, interview data requires transcribing and coding which is a major task for the researcher (Flick, 2018).

Proposed Actions

A number of measures could be adopted to help produce quality data. First of all, I would encourage the interviewer to reflect on remarks made by respondents. The remarks should also be probed for better understanding. For instance, if a respondent says that the effectiveness of hand washing protocol would depend on its simplicity, it would be wise to seek clarification for a better understanding (Flick, 2018). Secondly, it would be imperative to avoid leading questions which may unduly influence the response obtained (e.g, “So you mean hand washing protocol is tedious?” rather than “What is your take on the effectiveness of hand washing protocol?”).



Flick, U. (2018). The Sage handbook of qualitative data collection. London: Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications Ltd



ThursdayNov 29 at 9:32am

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Hi Jamie,

Infection is a quantitative outcome. If there is a different outcome you would like to explore, then your question needs to shift.

Consider this:

The unit where the protocol is implemented has 48 beds and over the course of 16 weeks, there are usually 18 HAIs. After the intervention the number of HAIs is reduced to 4.

Do you see how this is quantifiable information.

Just something to consider.

Dr. Adams

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YesterdayNov 30 at 12:42pm

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Hand washing is a task that is incorporated into every hospital’s practice. Many medical professionals perform this task without even thinking because it has become a second nature to them. From what I have noticed working with more seasoned nurses, is that they do not always wash their hands after patient contact. These nurses practiced during a time when hand hygiene and different precautions were not stressed to the extent that they are today. With your research, I am sure most, if not all, facilities will have a hand washing protocol. Even though facilities have a hand washing protocol in place, not all the staff members abide by the protocol. In my opinion, your results may be skewed one way because the environment is not controlled. An idea to aid in following the hand washing protocol is to have a hand washing committee. In the facility in which I am currently employed has this committee and have members from each department. No one knows who is apart of this committee. They report how many people they see washing their hands, when they wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and when they use hand sanitizer.

Good luck with your research,

Kayla Wilt

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