ESSAY: Dealing with time in geology

DB-4: Dealing with time in geology
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Knowing the time that geological events occur or when eras begin and end is as important to a geologist as a regular calendar is to us. Discuss the following:

1. What is meant by relative time in geology? When did the use of this term or concept begin, how is relative time determined and give some examples of relative time.

2 What is meant by numerical time in geology; when did the use of this term or concept begin, and how is it determined. Give some examples of geological structures whose numerical time has been determined.

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3. Give some examples of how relative time and numerical time are used together as a date of one geological process or structure in Florida.

Again, please review the QA/QC statement just above DB-1 before you submit your final presentation.
Spell Check your work with MSWord Spell Check before you submit your work to the discussion board text box. Misspelled words, even one, will result in a grade of 25.


Dealing with Time in Geology

            Relative time in geology refers to the physical subdivision of the rocks in the geology of the Earth, including the order and time of events they represent (Teed & Slattery, 2011). The relative time is determined in horizontal layers using relative age dating known as fossil assemblages. For example, a rock layer located below another one is older. This is done based on the comparison, and through relative dating that uses a variety of techniques, which can be easily used when worked on by geologists in the field, and not a laboratory (Zalasiewicz et al., 2011).

In geology, numerical time involves the analogous difference between “lunchtime” and the relative time on a clock such as 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm. In geology, numerical time involves a fossil or a rock, and radiometric dating methods based on natural radioactive decay such as carbon and potassium (Teed & Slattery, 2011). The numerical time in geology is a concept that started during the Hadean period. The geological structures whose numerical time has been determined include tectonics, syncline, faults, joints, and structural basin. The history of the Earth is divided into different geological time chunks, and it dates back to the planet’s formation. Geologic time was the method used by scientists to understand the sequence of events in the history of the Earth (Teed & Slattery, 2011). Relative time is used to subdivide the rocks and determine the time and order….

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