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ESSAY: Diabetes

Write 2-3 paragraphs supporting the rationale for your choice and how you will develop this topic.
Using the PICO(T) format, construct one quantitative question and one qualitative question setting the stage for developing your research investigation.
Include a discussion on which research methodology you feel would be most appropriate for your investigation.
Upload your completed document to this assignment area.
This assignment is due by Sunday at midnight.
Research Topics for Proposal:

Clinical Topics for investigation

Topics in chronic care across the lifespan

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Research Question:

  1. What is the cost and clinical effectiveness of technologies in continuous glucose monitoring to adults with type 1 diabetes having poor control of levels of blood glucose?
  2. What are the optimum technologies and how can they be used for adults having type 1 diabetes in the aspects of cost and clinical effectiveness?

The technologies in the continuous glucose monitoring systems have been shown to be ineffective even for people with impaired hypoglycaemia awareness. The population targeted is the adult patients with type 1 diabetes who have poor blood glucose control behaviours. The intervention offered is the use of continuous glucose monitoring technologies and the comparison is the SMBG and the advanced CGM technologies. The expected outcomes relate to changes in HbA1c, hypoglycaemia, cost effectiveness, and qualitative and quantitative measures. The current practice in self-monitoring of insulin and its dosage adjustment require a finger prick blood sample and the measurement of the glucose in plasma. However, this kind of testing has proven to be inconvenient and traumatic. The advent of the continuous glucose monitoring system benefits the people since the levels of glucose are only read out or visually displayed to them.

      The topic is developed on the basis of comparing the old methods of continuously monitoring the levels of glucose and the latest technological option provided. The topic is of great importance considering the fact that diabetes is one of the leading causes of deaths across the globe. The topic will first start by answering the first question which is the quantitative question. Here information on the developed technologies is presented and compared to the old technologies and the advantages outlines. Finally, the topic addresses the qualitative question which considers the benefits of the technologies to the patients and the improvement of their conditions through them. The best research design to guide this study is descriptive and interpretive case study that will be evaluated using qualitative techniques. The methodology will focus on publication research, surveys, interviews, questionnaires, and other research methods. A descriptive statistical method will be employed to help analyze patient’s’ satisfaction rate.

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