ESSAY: Discussion: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Group Settings Versus Family Settings

Students will:
Compare the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for groups to cognitive behavioral therapy for families
Analyze challenges of using cognitive behavioral therapy for groups
Recommend effective strategies in cognitive behavioral therapy for groups
To prepare:
Reflect on your practicum experiences with CBT in group and family settings.
Post an explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in family settings. Provide specific examples from your own practicum experiences. Then, explain at least two challenges counselors might encounter when using CBT in the group setting. Support your response with specific examples from this week’s media.


Discussion: Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Group Settings versus Family Settings

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            According to Patterson (2014), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for families involves a therapy approach that focuses on adopting behavioral modification principles; namely, strategies for negotiation and contingency contracting. The therapy is designed to alter the family members’ interactional patterns, including the restructuring of perceptions and distorted views and beliefs developed through faulty interactions. For groups, CBT involves an approach, which focuses on people struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, treatment protocols, relationship difficulties, and confidence (Lau, 2017). Therefore, the therapist will work with patients to explore and uncover their personal challenges while in a group. Most importantly, CBT can be offered as a kind of treatment for groups, either in a group or family setting, especially for individuals in groups battling anxiety disorders.             In this case, to deliver in group or family settings, CBT is more efficient an approach as it focuses on critical issues such as distress/anxiety and depression, among others. In comparison with CBT in group settings, studies on the efficacy of CBT within the family setting demonstrate that the approach effectiveness is more pronounced based on the specific disorder treatment. A reflection on my practicum experience indicates that adopting…

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