ESSAY: Disorders of the Hemostasis Case Study

Disorders of the Hemostasis Case Study

The case study is about Leona, a 52-years old woman, who is overweight, smokes, and has atherosclerosis. During her 2-week vacation, she flies to Sidney, where she is hospitalized three days after arrival because of the severe pain experienced as a result of the inflammation on her left calf. Deep vein thrombosis was the identified health condition affecting Leona.

Hypercoagulation is a health condition that involves more than the normal blood clotting. In the case of a cut, the body creates a thickened mass of blood tissue, which limits bleeding. However, there are times that the body forms blood clots when not needed, exposing the body to health risks. Serious health problems, including death, can occur when the blood clots form in vital body organs such as the brain and the heart. Hypercoagulation is either inherited or acquired from the environment. The condition can also be caused by health problems such as cancer, surgery, trauma, obesity, immobility, and pregnancy. Therefore, the long traveling hours and the overweight condition contributed to the development of deep vein thrombosis (Tietjen & Collins, 2018). Acquired hypercoagulation emerged as a result of long immobility hours on the plane and Leona’s obese state, causing blood clots in the veins. The lady was also already at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis because of her excess body weight and smoking behavior. Therefore, the condition could still have emerged later if she did not fly to Sydney, Australia.Atherosclerosis is among the health condition identified in the case study, affecting Leona. It is a disease in which plaque develops inside the arteries, blood vessels that transport oxygenated blood to the body parts. The plaque includes cholesterol, fat, calcium, alongside other substances in the blood. Plaque hardens over time, which narrows the arteries. Some of the severe health problems that can emerge because of Atherosclerosis are stroke, heart attack, and to some extent death. Increased activity and Adherent of platelets…

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