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ESSAY: Does his writing reflect the human condition today, and is his work still relatable?

Write or present a convincing argument with supporting textual evidence from the texts in the course, as well as others of your own choosing, as to why Shakespeare still matters or does not matter. Explain whether his writing reflects the human condition or not. Is Shakespearean literature still relatable today? Explain with reasons and textual evidence.

If writing: In an essay, convince your audience as to why Shakespeare still matters or does not matter. Does his writing reflect the human condition today? Explain your ideas clearly with two to three reasons why Shakespeare still is or is not important today.


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Why Shakespeare Still Matters and his Writings reflect the Human Condition Today

            Shakespeare’s writing is still significantly relatable and relevant today and is attributed to the choice of characters he developed. Shakespeare managed to showcase a different face to varying cultures and people at different times. Among the topics that characterize his works range from popular culture to advertising to new media, and even film, fine arts, and religion (Fantasia 45). There are various reasons and instances explaining Shakespeare’s relevance today, more than 4 centuries after his death. One of the reasons for this relevance is the regular quoting of his works; for example, when such phrases as “green-eyed jealousy” or “tongue-tied” (Carson and Peter 17) are …

            Shakespeare’s relevance today is his reflection of the human condition through his works remaining universal and enduring over time. For instance, Shakespeare’s writings are hilarious, pithy, and emotional, which reflects the behavior of humans at different times. His mastery ensured that he was able to attach human qualities to his stories and characters, something that his audiences relate with to date; for example, the kind of struggle and anguish exhibited by Hamlet (Laroche and Jennifer 56). Lastly, Shakespeare’s relevance is because of the love and tragedy that he exhibited through Romeo and Juliet, something that is a reflection of the human condition and living today (Ward 101). Therefore, his..

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