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Develop a 4 page proposal for executive leadership that addresses changes you would like to see within your organization that would advance the field of nursing.


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Think about changes you feel are needed to address a problem either within nursing as a professional field or within the organization where you work.

Narrow down your options by considering which change would best be undertaken by an interprofessional team.

TOPIC CHOSEN:  Improving the work environment (providing calm, supportive spaces for nurses; improved dialog between health care professionals).

Select an issue to address, look for scholarly and professional articles that focus on the problem, the needed change, and how interprofessional teams can work together to drive change.

Lately you have noticed the need for changes within your organization that would advance the field of nursing.

You have decided to develop a proposal and submit it to executive leadership.

Format this assessment as a professional proposal.

You may want to look at how proposals are drafted within your organization and follow that format.

You will still need a references page; follow APA guidelines for in-text citations and references.

Address the following in your proposal:

1.  Briefly describe the problem and how it impacts the organization, patients, and/or the nursing profession.

2.  Describe possible evidence-based interventions for the problem.

3.  Analyze potential barriers and resistance to change that might come from the organization, patients, and/or colleagues.

4.  Describe strategies to overcome barriers and resistance to change.

5.  Develop a plan to implement evidence-based interventions. What steps would you take? What resources might you need?

6.  Identify other health care professionals to enlist as team members to help drive change in the organization.

The completed assessment should be 4 pages in length, not including title and reference page.

Support your statements and intervention plan with references to and citations for at least four scholarly or professional resources.

Additional Requirements

Include a title page and references page.

Reference at least four current scholarly or professional resources.

Use APA format for citations and references.

Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.

Double space.

SCORING GUIDE (This is what the professor is looking for during grading)

1.  Analyzes how a problem impacts an organization, patients, or the nursing profession, and provides examples.

2.  Describes evidence-based solutions to a problem and examines the pros and cons of the solutions. Develops a plan to implement evidence-based solutions to a problem and includes methods to evaluate how well the solutions are working.

3.  Analyzes barriers and resistance to change from an organization, patients, or colleagues and explores the consequences of not solving a problem. Analyzes strategies to overcome barriers and resistance to change.

4.  Identifies other health care professionals to enlist as members of an interprofessional team to drive change in an organization and outlines how the team will drive change in an organization.

5.  Writes clearly and logically with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics; uses relevant evidence to support a central idea. Correctly formats citations and references with no errors.


Driving Change

For any society to grow, change has to take place in different sectors of operation for the results to be unique.  It is normal for human beings to become attached and used to the current state of life that they resist any change coming in their direction. Most get used to problems until they become part of life and will oppose any efforts targeting to solve the challenges. Therefore, change must be imposed to a population using a proper channel that will help convince each member of the group to support it for success (McCrae, 2012). The primary purpose of this paper is to discuss how change can be driven to improve working environments in healthcare systems for efficient medical care delivery and safety for both medical practitioners and patients.

Improving The Working Environment for Healthcare Professionals

Medical facilities are constructed in situations with lots of disturbances caused by industries. For instance, individuals do not do a precise analysis of the environment before constructing hospitals.  A hospital must be a place calm enough to give patients a peaceful time during their healing process. Health care providers also need a quiet and relaxing environment to manage thinking correctly and administer medication efficiently. A violent environment does not give nurses and other healthcare providers a piece of mind to make correct decisions about the diagnosis and medical procedures (Clarke, 2013). It may lead to errors where they make the wrong determination of illnesses and subscription without notice due to the pressure from the surrounding environment. The existence of poor information systems in the working environment of the healthcare providers also causes challenges and confusion. When patients’ records are not adequately documented and stored, it leads to mixing up and corruption of the information, which may contribute to the wrong prescription of medicine (Dolan & Cornish, 2013). Poor communication between health care professionals is also caused by outdated information systems. Health care providers are not able to share and discuss experiences about certain illnesses in time to come up with proper treatment procedures. Discussion enables medical practitioners to come up with better methods by…

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