EBP Proposal on ” Geriatric Trauma Population, effect of scheduled analgesics around the clock or as needed analgesics, how it effects pain and length of hospital stay and prior functioning at discharge. See files



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Implementing the use of the opioid drug to treat the geriatric trauma population requires an effective model. A scientific theory such as Rogers’ diffusion of innovation can be employed. This theory can be used to accelerate the implementation of opioid drug usage (Hwang et al., 2016). Roger’s diffusion theory is essential in understanding the proposed drug and the factors considered in influencing the rate of implementation by explaining how the proposed drug gains preference among the patients and the stakeholders. As demonstrated earlier, there is need to adopt the use of the drug in hospitals to treat severe pain in geriatric patients.  A strategy to appeal to different stakeholders should be put in place to aid in the promotion of the drug. It is expected that some individuals will be willing to use the opioid drug from …

 The effect of the opioid drug may vary according to when it was used (Naples et al., 2016. The use of the drug does not occur simultaneously in hospitals; rather it is a process where some stakeholders will use and others will avoid it. Geriatric patients who use the opioid drug early have positive outcomes than those who start its use later when the pain has reached severe levels. For successful implementation of drug use, understanding and participation of the stakeholders is crucial in mitigating the barriers to its use during the implementation stage (Wani & Ali, 2015). To ensure the opioid drug is adopted and preferred in treating the geriatric patients, it is essential that the organization creates the necessary awareness among the patients and hospital staff, provide reasons why the drug should be used, test the drug, and implement the sustainable use of the drug in hospitals (Wani & Ali, 2015). The drug should be more effective as compared to other previously used drugs…

Geriatric patients who prefer using the drug immediately after they start experiencing the pains have a high chance of getting better results in pain management (ScheCapis & Mcbe, 2016). Geriatric patients that use the drug when the pain is already severe, are more likely to fail in realizing positive outcomes compared to those who start the use early. Earlier users are able to get quick discharges from the hospitals and thus saving on the costs. On the contrary, severe pain without a quick response will elongate the periods of hospital stay among the geriatric patients. Implementation of the drug with well-set guidelines will have positive outcomes to patients and also reduced costs in managing pain (Pashaeypoor, Ashktorab, Rassouli & Alavi-Majd, 2016). Despite the acknowledged side effects of the drugs, its effect on the patients struggling with pain makes opiod based drugs more efficacious for alleviation of pain. However, it has to be controlled through…


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