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ESSAY: Ecology

Select an area you would like to focus on (your favorite place or where you live). How do the basic chemicals (water, carbon, nitrogen) cycle through your ecosystem? You will want to include the main plants, animals, and the biome.


With the increasing human population across the world, environmental impacts are set to rise. This is affirmed by the increasing harnessing of resources aimed at meeting the dazzling need of human beings. Uncontrolled disposal of waste and emission of harmful material that is channeled to the environment has served to further escalate the risk of environmental degradation. The dangers of mining fossils, fuel consumption and refining currently extends beyond the proximate risks as seen in global climatic changes (Galvani, Bauch, Anand, Singer & Levin, 2016).  A plethora of environmental challenges coupled with the intensifying climatic changes such as floods, droughts and storms causes’ direct destruction of property such as housing and other infrastructure. Additionally, the impact has pervasive repercussions on economic stability, transmission of infectious diseases, and food security (Galvani, Bauch, Anand, Singer & Levin, 2016). This paper focuses on how basic chemicals such as water nitrogen and carbon cycle through the ecosystem affect plants, animals and the biome at Alabama Birmingham.   

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The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX impacts at Alabama are attributed XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX current and past economic activities XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are carried out in this area. The environmental problems from the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX have contributed a significant amount of carbon and nitrogen in the atmosphere. This is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the increasing weather patterns, water contaminations,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXand increasing infectious diseases. The city of Alabama is one of the old mining and manufacturing centers in the north, particularly around the Montgomery (Southern Environmental Law Center, 2018). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX area has also been directly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by the radioactive XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and chemicals that are generated and disposed of by the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX industry of the country considering it is located at a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the residential areas (Southern Environmental Law Center, 2018). 

Alabama region has a long history of coal mining. In fact, it is reckoned that Black Warrior River watershed in the south is one of the biggest coal-producing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX such, the region has seen more than one hundred permits granted on coal XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Southern Environmental Law Center, 2018). The ecological impact in this region is further XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by the failure of Alabama Department of Environmental Management to enforce environmental policies that are aimed at preventing mining activities that harm the quality of water (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Environmental Law Center, 2018).  Indeed, the majority of the rivers in this region get XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX by runoff waters draining into the river because they XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sediments, heavy metals, and acid.    Mining and refining coal leads to the emission of a significant amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Carbon is stored as carbon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX also released into the atmosphere through among…

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