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ESSAY: Elements fo Quantitative Research: Design and Sampling

The focus of the Week 3 discussion is on two important elements of quantitative research studies- design and sampling. The approach or design, quantitative or qualitative, also applies to EBP projects. Both quantitative and qualitative have different designs or traditions that fall under these two broad categories.

Select a single-study quantitative research study article related to your specialty track and provide the permalink to the article. Then discuss each of the following items.

Identify whether the research study design is experimental, quasiexperimental, or nonexperimental. Provide the rationale for your answer.
Identify the appropriate representation for the research study article you selected using the nomenclature of X for intervention, O for observation and data collection, and R for random a assignment to a research study group.
Identify the type of sampling (probability vs. nonprobability) that was used in the research study article you selected.
Identify one advantage and one disadvantage to the sampling type used (probability vs. nonprobability).
Identify whether there was random assignment to research study groups in the research study article you have selected.
If random assignment to groups was used, how does this strengthen the research study design?

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Elements of Quantitative Research: Design and Sampling

There are various factors that influence the delivery of quality health care by nurses. This include attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and professionals’ knowledge, which determine the level of collaboration as well as the procedure and behavior during diagnosis, examination and treatment of patients. Although nurse educators in clinical environments undertake different responsibilities, the major roles include the professional and clinical development of nursing workforce, as well as providing relevant leadership necessary to implement EBP. Some of the challenges that hinder nurse educators from executing their roles efficiently relate to lack of commitment by practitioners, lack of preparedness, and maintaining expertise. The article under review was written by Al-Nasiri, Muniswamy & Maskari (2017). The research study design is quasiexperimental since purposive sample was not selected randomly. The study also lacked a control group and primarily focused at assessing nurse educator’s preparedness to assume the role of faculty. The appropriate representation for the research study is O1 X O2. Non-probability sampling was used to select the sample and there were criteria for inclusion or exclusion. For instance, the sample comprised of Omani nurse educators who have 2 years (or less) of experience and hold a BSN degree (Al-Nasiri, Muniswamy & Maskari, 2017). The advantage of using Non-probability sampling technique is that the method is time-and cost-effective. The method is also appropriate when the population under consideration is very small hence impossible to conduct probability sampling. The disadvantage of using Non-probability…

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