ESSAY: Emotionally Incompetent Behaviors

Week 4: Emotionally Incompetent Behaviors

Emotionally incompetent behaviors can destroy a team’s ability to achieve a specific goal. From the following list of incompetent behaviors (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2015), select one behavior, develop a fictitious example that demonstrates the selected behavior, and then identify two techniques that a leader could use to help develop the individual. Scholarly support is required.

Emotionally incompetent behaviors:

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Acting as devil’s advocate
Displaying a bad attitude
Displaying a superior attitude
Tolerating errors
Failing to balance work and relaxation


Emotionally Incompetent Behaviours

Emotionally incompetence behaviors affect the output of a team by altering the relationship and cohesion among the members. A group demands cooperation among individual towards the accomplishment of specific targets. Individuals from different fields with unique skills and knowledge come together, collaborate and work towards meeting the same goal. Emotionally competent behaviors are therefore an important element of a team which needs to be observed for the group to be efficient. Members can relate positively and support each other towards achieving the team’s goal (Lou and Noels, 2017). Members who practice emotionally incompetent behaviors characterize most teams that do not manage to achieve the desired goal. Examples of such characteristics include acting as devil’s advocate, displaying superior attitudes, tolerating ….

Tolerating errors in a team encourage the members to become more careless with their duties which may lead to failure of a project to meet the target. For instance, errors in the healthcare provision field expose patients to danger (Malloch, 2017). When a team leader or the head nurse has the emotionally incompetent behavior of tolerating medical errors, the team members will be careless …

Techniques useful in developing individuals who tolerate errors include educating them on the implications and hazardous impacts of the mistakes to the organization. People become careful when performing tasks in a team when they know the dangerous consequences of errors through the process.  Holding individuals responsible for the mistakes they commit can also help in making team members more careful with their duties to avoid the faults (Lou and Noels, 2017). Policies are created for organizations to impose fines on those team…


Lou, N. M., & Noels, K. A. (2017). Measuring Language Mindsets and Modeling Their Relations With Goal Orientations and Emotional and Behavioral Responses in Failure Situations. The Modern Language Journal101(1), 214-243.

Malloch, K. (2017). Quantum leadership: Creating sustainable value in health care. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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