ESSAY: Ethical dilemmas related to blood transfusion

A 16-year-old involved in a motor vehicle accident is brought via ambulance to the emergency room you work at. She needs an emergency blood transfusion. Her mother, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, refuses to give permission for her daughter to receive blood products because it goes against her faith.

In your initial post answer the following questions:

As a culturally and religiously sensitive nurse, how might you explain to this mother why her daughter needs blood?
What are the ethical issues raised by the mother refusing blood products for her daughter?
If the mother continued to refuse to allow her daughter to receive blood products, as a provider, what would you do?

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Ethical Dilemmas related to Blood Transfusion

            As a religiously and culturally sensitive nurse, it is critical to develop an awareness of one’s sensations, existence, nursing environment, and thoughts without creating undue impact or influence on others, especially the patients and their families (Baptista et al., 2008). In this case, I would explain to the 16-year-old’s mother the importance of blood transfusion by, first, showing respect to her religion, including the significance of their spiritual and religious beliefs before informing her that blood transfusion was important to facilitate her daughter’s healing process. I would also explain to her that blood was necessary because her daughter had lost a lot of blood following the accident and that the transfusion was necessary to replace the lost blood. It will be critical to explain the potential health risks likely to occur if blood transfusion is not done on time.             By excluding it in the consent form, it is unlawful to facilitate the transfusion of blood products for a patient who has refused it. The mother of the 16-year-old refused blood transfusion for her daughter citing several ethical issues. By refusing a blood transfusion, the mother raised varying ethical issues such as the safeguarding of patient…

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