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ESSAY: Exploring Research Results

Using the following steps found within the translation phase of the Practice Evidence Translation (PET) model developed by Johns Hopkins, select a research result reported in a journal article that supports your PICOT/PICo question.

Please respond to the following steps. Please note that wording of the steps may have been modified slightly from the PET so that they help with this posting. Include the permalink at the end of your posting.
• Using references, identity the research result that you could use in your practice setting.
• Determine fit, feasibility, and appropriateness of the result for your practice setting.
• Using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), outline an action plan.
• Identify the resources (physical, personal, technology) needed to implement your action plan.
• Determine the criteria that you would use to determine whether the implementation of your project was successful.
• Identify one future research study that would be useful in extending knowledge of your selected project result.

P: Among health care workers and patients,
I: Enforcing hand washing protocol,
C. Compared to no hand washing protocol,
O: Minimize hospital acquired infections in an adult in-patient critical care department in the course of hospitalization

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Exploring Research Results

Identification of The Research Result

The research article is geared to ensuring that there are zero infections in ICU’s and clinical care settings which may arise from lack of effective hand washing practices, clear hand washing checklist and general culture of safety.

Fit, Feasibility, and Appropriateness of the Result

Most of the research that exists on the relationship between hospitals acquired infections and hand washing rarely focusses on the intensive care units and worse still on the adult patients (Al-Dorzi & Arabi, 2017). The coming up of bacteria that is multi drug resistant has been attributed to poor hand washing practices yet little has been done on research to alleviate this problem or raise the concern. Most methods use epidemiological methods which are unreliable. This research is more feasible as it targets specific infection control measures.


Plan- A review of literature to look into what has been done

Do- This will entail sampling 1000 articles to determine how suitable and appropriate they are.

Study: The research reviews and summarizes the many outbreaks that have occurred among adults especially in the intensive care unit and how they relate to lack of hand washing and other hygiene practices.

Act: A clear review of budget will be presented to underscore the research related costs. Hostile respondents will be avoided just like ambiguous data will not be included.

The Required Resources

Enough funding

Researchers and research assistants

Mobile phones with internet

Laptops and LCD displayers


The success of the project will be based on the derived objectives and how well they are achieved. If the research indicates that objectives have been successfully achieved, then the research would have been a success.

Future Research Study

Future studies will be necessary to determine how pathogens arising from poor hand washing practices relate to emergence of resistant drugs that have previously been efficient for the elderly…

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