ESSAY: FHEA Exam Follow-up

Students will:
Develop a plan of action for certification exam preparation
To prepare for this Assignment:

Develop a plan of action for certification exam preparation
In 1 page:

Based on your results from the FHEA Exam, develop a plan of action, including an academic study plan, which will help you maintain your areas of strength and address the areas that need improvement, and help you prepare for the Certification Exam. Address each area of the exam including:

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Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing
Independent Practice Competencies
Professional Role and Policy


This paper aims to design an action plan that will help in identifying areas of weakness, spacing out the vast study material over specific days (Bridges, 2020), reviewing particular blocks of resources every day, develop timelines, and remaining organized ahead of time for the certification exam (Fitzgerald, 2016). I identified the following areas of weakness that had less than acceptable scores: Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing: Patient-Centered Care, Independent Practice Competencies: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and Professional Role and Policy: Quality Improvement and Safety. The following sections develop an action plan and study plan for each of the units.

The first objective is to improve my knowledge of patient-centered care, which was one of my weakest areas. This means assigning more time of study covering textbook readings, class resources and some research on each topic. The study sessions will take 5 days a week for two to three hours a session. I will also seek guidance from my preceptor to ensure I cover most of the required topics. The study will include practicing patient-centered care exams from the FHEA Q-bank to achieve ninety-percent consistently.

The second weakness area is health promotion and disease prevention. To improve my knowledge in this area, I will examine best practices concerning the guidelines in the class textbooks. I will research on at least five advanced practice articles for nursing that cover this topic and review case studies of interventions. I will elicit help from my preceptor for guidance and an assessment of knowledge. I will assign 4 days a week for a session each two to three hours.

The third area of weakness was quality improvement and safety. Since the FHEA exams tests for knowledge in the development of clinical problems, the risk to patients, clinical presentations of the problem, intervention methods and their workings as well as the outcomes (Vera, 2018), my focus will be on these areas. I will use the class resources, discussions, as well as research to improve my knowledge of the unit. I will also ask for help from my preceptors and online tutors for guidance. I will assign 6 days a week for sessions that will take two to three hours each. I aim at accomplishing all of the study activities by week 5 ahead of the certification exam.

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