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FNP Program Applicant Personal Statement

A personal statement is an account of your actions that demonstrate your commitment to accountability, professionalism, and compassion for the ill. Write a 2-3 page essay(excluding the cover page). It should be
typed using 12-point font, double-spaced, a minimum 500 words and no more than 1500 words. Be sure to address each question below in detail: Share your experiences in nursing and how it relates to
the role of the Family Nurs
e Practitioner. Please include your own personal values, previous experiences, and future goals.

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1.Describe your expertise in a specific field of study (nursing, patient care, etc.)
2.Describe your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a family nurse practitioner to include the scope of practice.
3.Discuss your professional goals and how a MSN-FNP Degree will help you achieve your goals.
4.Describe why West Coast University’s MSN-FNP program is the best program to help youachieve your academic goals.

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My Expertise in the Nursing Field

            Nursing is a challenging yet rewarding profession. However, it requires a variety of nursing skills, including a deep understanding of medical knowledge, including the need to be able to handle complex procedures such as drawing blood and giving vaccinations. Therefore, my expertise in the nursing field of study is characterized by the skills I have acquired throughout my profession, especially the soft skills I have acquired along the way. For instance, I have combined my nursing expertise with my soft skills and is evidenced by my ability to be patient and empathetic towards both my patients and their families. Additionally, I have expertise in adhering to standards, regulations, and unit or hospital procedures and units.

I also have strong communication skills, thus I can relay the necessary and relevant information to patients, including their families, and also work with other doctors and nurses effectively. My expertise as a nurse means I also have a combination (hybrid) of theoretical and practical knowledge. I stand out since I have an intuitive ability to effectively and efficiently make critical nursing decisions while grasping the whole nature of the healthcare situation. Additionally, my expertise also includes having excellent communication skills, critical thinking skills, observatory skills, and managing skills in terms of teamwork and nursing judgment, as well as showing compassion and empathy.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

           FNPs (family nurse practitioners) are nursing graduates, nationally recognized and certified, and state-licensed APRNs (advanced practice registered nurses) who care for the welfare and medically stable patients from all age groups namely adults, adolescents, and infants, including the elderly/seniors. In a family nurse practitioner role, nurses are granted certification to work with specialized patients. Based on my understanding, the roles and responsibilities of an FNP include the provision of lifelong comprehensive care through health education, disease management, and services for prevention health.

Therefore, FNPs’ roles and responsibilities include managing patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. FNPs are also mandated to oversee the pregnant women’s health and wellness, which includes providing prenatal and preconception care. My understanding of the roles and responsibilities of FNPs includes providing infants and children with health and wellness care, treating patients with minor and acute physical injuries, and providing episodic care for acute health conditions for patients from all age groups. Lastly, FNPs often collaborate with other healthcare specialists to manage various medical conditions plaguing patients, as well as provide case management for injuries and long-term illnesses.

My Professional Goals, and how an MSN-FNP Degree            In the current work environment, nurses are expected to consistently focus on ways to be abreast of new expectations and procedures, as well as remain competitive in the nursing field. Therefore, my professional goal as a nurse is to provide excellent and quality patient-centered care. My understanding is that as a professional nurse, it is my….

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