ESSAY: Formal proposal

This is it! You have spent the last 7 weeks working through the necessary information to present a solid plan to the executives. This project comes with some flexibility. You can choose the format of this submission. You can write a formal proposal, a PowerPoint presentation, or a video presentation. If you would like to use something different, please send me a message to ask for guidance before submission. Please know, that you will not be graded on your chosen format…only on the content.

You should already have the research needed based on the last 3 assignments. As always, you need to cite your sources using APA format. If you are submitting a presentation in non-written form, please make sure to mention your source when using information and submit a written document listing those sources. All the topics previously discussed should be addressed in this presentation as well as a solid introduction and conclusion.


Formal Proposal: Motivation
Motivation is a great policy towards ensuring that the organization’s human resources utilization is optimized (Bastons, Mas & Rey, 2016). Human resource has a great ability to revolutionize a company’s practices through improving the output. Implementation process of motivation as a corporation’s operational tactic under the theories of motivation and is therefore, of great importance since it will ensure that the approach is highly efficient in optimizing a firm’s productivity.
Importance of Motivation
Motivation is the process of influencing employees to optimize their throughput through making them enjoy their working environment and develop self-drive while at work. It is highly important in a business since it basically improves the efficiency of operations in a firm. Every employee is entitled to some roles and responsibilities (Dhaliwal, 2016). These roles and responsibilities are geared towards driving the firm to achieve its intended aims. Motivation helps in increasing individual employee output thus increasing their productivity. As a result, institutional success is realized.
Theories of Motivation
Theories form a solid framework upon which motivation exists as an important policy in a company. Instinct, incentive and drive theories ensure that the policy is developed smoothly thus achieving its targeted goals. Instinct theory states that people adopt an interest in specific things since they are mentally and psychologically programmed to get the interest. One’s interest in a given task is seen as an evolutionary concept that guides the individual towards making certain decisions thus developing a motivational approach to the task (Kim, 2013). Incentive theory, on the other hand, states that people tend to act more inclined to a given task when there is something…

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