Write an essay of 750-1,000-words in which you answer the following questions:
How are formative and summative evaluations used in the classroom?
How are these evaluations different in a Birth-Pre-K versus a K-3 learning environment?
Why is it important to use informal evaluation methods with preschool and primary children?
What are the names of specific types of formative and summative assessments used in K-3 and Birth-Pre-K classrooms?
How is diagnostic evaluation used in instructional planning?
What strategies does the early childhood teacher use to assess young students using formative and summative measures?


Use of Formative and Summative Evaluations in Classroom

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Both formative and summative assessments are important in identifying the learning curve of a child. The statistical results obtained from assessments undertaken by learners more often informs policy makers of any changes that are necessary for the curriculum in order to meet the needs of learners (Dixson & Worrell, 2016). While summative assessments are undertaken down the learning path of a child, formative assessments are undertaken from time to time within the classroom to grasp how well the learners are getting the instructional content. It therefore helps provide instant interventions in the learning process.

For formative assessment, students are involved in the assessment both as assessors to their own work as well as that of their peers. Teachers have to ensure that learners participate in the learning process and hence motivate them. For instance, in the process of learning, students are provided with descriptive feedback so that they are helped to move forward in their learning. On the other hand, summative assessment, are used to gauge the student’s learning at a particular point in the academic cycle (Wiliam & Thompson, 2017). They are normally given periodically so as to evaluate what learners know based on standard tests. Examples of summative assessments…

How The Evaluations Are Different in A Birth- Pre-k Vs K-3

In most cases, children within the birth- Pre K are subjected more on formative assessment than summative assessment. On the other hand, most K 3 students are subjected to summative assessment more than formative assessment. The assessment for pre K learners mostly involves interactive class discussions where students are asked to contribute in the assessment process. This is unlike in grade 3 where learner participation is not very mandatory in the..

Importance of Informal Evaluation Methods

Unlike formal assessments, informal assessments are not based on any data but rather on content and performance. For preschool and primary children, the desire is not to compare the performance of a child to others like it is in a standardized measure. These are children who may still be vulnerable to excess pressure and subjecting them to grading may only discourage…

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