ESSAY: Gender Leadership/Culture Leadership

If you are a man:

– have you had a woman supervisor and did you have problems relating or getting along with her? If so, why?

– have you ever felt cheated out of a job because the selecting official was biased in selecting a woman because there were too many men already in the office?

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– if you are interviewing for a job where three other candidates are women and you are the only man, what, if anything, do you need to do to stand out among the other candidates?


As a male supervisor in a group of 15 employees and half of them are women, would you do anything differently to motivate the female employees and the male employees?


Gender Leadership/Culture Leadership

Gender is a sensitive aspect at the workplace where both genders experience different challenging situations. While at work, men relate differently to women as they would relate to fellow men. Gender differences make the workplace an interesting and effective environment where professionalism has to be upheld to ensure that the differences do not affect the…

As a man, I had a woman supervisor and had problems relating to or getting along with her. Experience with a female supervisor often exposed challenges in tackling daily duties since the relationship between the supervisor and I was affected by gender differences. She expected much results from me. Men are often given more strenuous tasks due to the perception that they can handle extreme pressure and stress. The female supervisor always targeted men employees as the primary handlers of involving tasks. Whenever she heard of an emergency, she expected men to take more responsibility. She believed in female empowerment, but at the same time, she did not change …

Gender perceptions, especially among leaders, is a common scenario that occurs at the workplace where employees tend to face unfair leadership terms based on their gender (Madsen & Andrade, 2018). Professional take on gender leadership shows that gender should not be a basis of making decisions. Gender equality has been highly advocated as a concept that would lead to a highly productive workplace environment. Having problems with my female supervisor is a great challenge towards the realization of the firm’s objectives. The relationship was affected to the extent of developing negative perceptions about a female leader (Shea & Renn, 2017). Therefore, gender…


Madsen, S., & Andrade, M. (2018). Unconscious gender bias: Implications for women’s leadership development. Journal of Leadership Studies12(1), 62-67. doi: 10.1002/jls.21566

Shea, H., & Renn, K. (2017). Gender and leadership: A call to action. New Directions for Student Leadership2017(154), 83-94. doi: 10.1002/yd.20242

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