ESSAY: Health Promotion

• Discuss how health promotion in the older adult population (35–65-year-old) differs from the young adult (18–34-year-old)?
• How are they similar?
• What are some ways the provider can reduce noncompliance in the older adult population?


Health promotion

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Health promotions targeting older adults aged 35-65 years differ to that of young adults aged 18 -34 years in terms of context, scope, and the expected outcome.  The health promotion targeting the older adults aim to increase control over their own health compared to the one targeting young adults that focus on environmental and social interventions (Golinowska, Groot, Baji & Pavlova, 2016). The elderly are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases hence their functional capacity is significantly affected.  Therefore, health promotion programs targeting this group must aim at improving their health status, quality of life, and lowering the risks of disabilities (Abel et al., 2014). For instance, the elderly are more likely to suffer from isolation and loneliness compared to the young adults.

On the other hand, health promotion for young adults focuses on lifestyle interventions in order to have meaningful health benefits such as improved fitness and weight loss. Therefore, considering that the elderly have a shorter life expectancy, it is paramount to come up with health promotion strategies that improve their health behaviors to help maintain their physical …

However, health promotion for both older and young adults have a number of similarities. First, in both cases, health promotion aims at promoting the overall quality of life. In addition, interventions focus on improving the working and living conditions that influence their health (Naslund et al., 2017). To reduce noncompliance among the old adults involves educating them to help understand and appreciate the need for healthy behaviours and lifestyle. Another important aspect is to modify their… 


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