ESSAY: Healthcare Management

Chapter 13 Case study 3 – The Presidential Search

Please answer the questions 1,2, and 3.

Provide an assessment of how leadership theory impacts this case.

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Healthcare Management

Having a well-motivated workforce is key to the provision of quality care in any healthcare setting. A good healthcare leader must have a precise balance between investing in infrastructural facilities and adhering to the interests of the workforce. Lack of a specific balance would mean that crucial strategies for effective care delivery are likely to be missed out.

Furthermore, decisions have to be made ethically and morally to avoid instances of conflict between the different facets of healthcare delivery (Prottas & Nummelin, 2018). By evaluating case study three, this essay will critically assess the leadership qualities that a leader ought to have in leading Memorial Hospital. Furthermore, the importance of leadership at different organizational levels will also be analyzed.

The Rank of the Capabilities That the Leader Ought to Have

A hospital president has a significant role to play. To the general workforce, he/she is a symbol of unity and the driver of the vision that the hospital has. To the patient, a hospital president defines the general picture of the hospital. The quality of services offered by the hospital is a reflection of the leadership qualities of the president. Any wrong decisions made squarely lie on the president’s shoulder. There are many capabilities that the hospital’s president should possess.

First and foremost, the president must be skilled in balancing the interests of the workforce and that of the hospital. One issue that the former president failed to consider is the interest of the workforce. He focused much on the physical condition of the facility and forgot about the human capital, which forms the central role of the hospital. The new president needs to demonstrate the ability to balance the needs of the facility and that of his workforce (Boamah et al., 2018). One should not be done at the disadvantage of the other. The second priority capability that the new president must possess the ability to adapt to changes in the facility. The healthcare industry is always evolving. While technology is part of this evolution, healthcare workers also need to acquire skills that can help them be more competitive as well as enable them to handle critical healthcare decisions. The new leader must demonstrate the ability to respond to such changes as well as give a detailed plan on how he/she will cope up with any changes in the industry. In the interview process, the leader has to present a detailed account of how training and development needs will be achieved in the hospital. Thirdly, the new leader, has must be ready to work under pressure but with minimal supervision. The hospital setting can at times, have pressure, especially in an environment where there are many other competitors. The leader…

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