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ESSAY: Healthcare Management

Q1. Since most developers are not clinicians, and most clinicians are not developers, what measures are necessary to ensure the development of an effective health information system?

Q2. Why is the continuous improvement of clinical information systems a high priority to healthcare organizations?

Q3. Do the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the risks? Order the highly ranked outsourced services from riskiest to least risky and explain your rationale for the decision.

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Q4. What would be the functions of the roles of the individuals in the steering committee, such as medical, nursing, financial management, human resources management, facilities management, clinical support services staff? Why is it important to have all these areas represented on the steering committee?

Q5. What is the importance of data warehouses/clinical data repositories?

Q6. Discuss the impacts of a breach to healthcare information systems, especially the financial and privacy impacts.

Q7. Discuss the differences between HIPAA and the Privacy Act of 1974.

Q8. What concepts are important to information security policies and procedures? What effect does HIPAA have on healthcare organizations’ policies and procedures? Are there any other laws that may affect them?

Q9. Identify how the use of a patient ID bracelet containing a bar-code representation of the patient’s ID and a bar-code scanner has led to improved quality of care in a hospital.

Q10. Name and describe principal physical network topologies.

Q11. What are the benefits of using a thin client for Internet connection?

Q12. Describe IM/IT service delivery processes and how they are interrelated.

Q13. What are the primary uses of an individual’s personal health record?

Q14. How are transaction processing systems employed in financial information systems?

Q15. What are the typical elements of a medical practice management system?


Healthcare Management

Question 1

A health information system can be defined as a system designed to manage all healthcare data. This includes electronic health record (EHR) and other systems that help health institutions to collect, store, transmit, and manage patients’ health records, hospital’s operations and healthcare policy decisions (Nelson & Staggers, 2016). Such systems tend to ensure that data management is efficient. There are many measures that healthcare organizations put into consideration as they seek to develop an effective health information system. One way is to widely consult on the working of the available systems through evidence-based practices. Even though clinicians may not be developers and neither developers’ clinicians, an evidence-based approach can be used to compare the available options and come up with the best options.

Another way is to evaluate the need that healthcare organizations have. For instance, clinicians can explain the greatest challenge that the healthcare setting has and give developers a chance to come up with systems that best suit such needs. For instance, clinicians may not be aware that having an electronic health records system can help achieve remote patient monitoring. Besides using evidence-based practices or consulting developers based on need, healthcare facilities can also opt to benchmark with other well-established facilities. Benchmarking makes it possible for facilities to identify their need, challenges faced by others and how to come up with systems that can solve such challenges in their healthcare settings. 

Question 2

The need for quality provision of healthcare continues to be a priority for the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers are therefore doing all that they can to ensure that they are well prepared to comply with the set standards. One way to realize this is to ensure the clinical information system they are using is well suited to meet the challenges in the provision of quality care. Secondly, there are many changes in the manner in which clinical data is to be handled as new challenges and opportunities keep coming up. New clinical computing issues, for instance, have to be studied, understood and then optimized to meet the need for safety of patient data and the patients themselves.  Besides trying to comply with emerging needs and challenges, clinical information systems work as the most important system for an organization as they help it work better. Therefore, continuous improvement makes it

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