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ESSAY: Hiring Truck Drivers


Hiring Truck Drivers


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            Job description refers to a document that specifies the main tasks and responsibilities related to a specific job position. In order to formulate an accurate job description, job analysis is performed to identify the tasks and order of activities required to perform the job (Schmitt, 2012). In the analysis, the type of knowledge, skills and qualification are identified and stated. Job description has two sections including job responsibilities/tasks and job specification that describe the knowledge, skills and educational background needed. In addition, job description also stipulates the relationships in terms of supervision and management. This paper seeks to generate a Job description for a truck driver. The tasks and requirement for the job are discussed. Alternative recruitment processes and assessment methods used to recruit a suitable candidate will also be discussed and evaluated.

Job Responsibilities/Tasks of The Driver

            The driver will be required to perform all tasks and duties involved in driving and delivery of assigned parcels in the local area as well as long- distance jobs as may be assigned to him or her. The tasks and duties include inspecting the tuck before and after the trip in order to submit an accurate report on the condition of the truck. Ascertaining the relevant documents such as a bill of lading to identify the assignment. Assist and supervise loading, offloading of the truck and regularly check the safety of the load to ensure it is delivered in the required condition. Ensure delivery of a consignment is correctly documented by ensuring the customers sign the required delivery documents and correct payments using the agreed methods of payment. Ensure the truck is not overloaded by visiting the weigh station before and after loading and during the journey as per the state regulation and maintaining driver log according to the I.C.C regulations.

Job Specification

The successful candidate should possess the following educational, skills and knowledge qualification

Educational requirement

            The successful candidate should have a valid driving license and a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) from the relevant authority.

Skills and competencies

            The candidate should possess excellent operational and control skills of driving large trucks, excellent communication skills, ability to prioritize activities according to the set rules or patterns, ability to make sound and accurate decision depending on the prevailing circumstances and conditions. The candidate should also be equipped with extensive geographical location knowledge and knowledge of in-cab truck technology, diver mobile applications, container and trailer tracking technology


Clear vision under different conditions; night, day, near and long-range visions.

Ability to visualize and good stamina.

Job Advertising Techniques

            The above job vacancy can be advertised through references and advertising on social networking sites. Hiring through references involves utilizing testimonials and networking to identify a suitable candidate to fill the vacant position. This method is economical in terms of time and resources devoted to interviewing candidates as the number of candidates shortlisted is small. The position can also be advertised on social networking sites. This provides an opportunity to select the best talent from a large pool. However, this method is expensive and time-consuming. This is associated with the fact that thousands of applications may be received and one has to dedicate a lot of time in reviewing each application.

Assessment Methods Used in Recruitment             In recruiting a driver, the recruiting manager seeks to create an opportunity to assess the competence of the candidate. In this scenario, the two recommended assessment exercises include in-person interview and job simulation exercises. Job simulation exercises refer to the job-related evaluation tools that give an opportunity to the candidate to demonstrate

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