ESSAY: Human resource

M4 Assignment 1 Discussion
Discussion Topic

Due January 27 at 11:59 PM
Assignment 1: Discussion – Separation and Retention
This assignment is designed to integrate the reflection of personal experience, and the information covered in the textbook. Using what you have learned about Juanita, answer the following questions:
Should Juanita attempt to reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover?
A risk of disciplining employees is that some may retaliate. To avoid that risk, what organizational policies might encourage high-performing employees to stay while encouraging low-performing employees to leave?
To what extent are exit interviews meaningful and what kind of opinions should you attempt to capture? How are these opinions relevant to employee separation and retention?


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Separation and Retention

Juanita should seek to reduce both voluntary and involuntary turnover resulting from lack of advancement opportunities, staff conflict, or external appealing job offers. This will help the organization to retain and develop its human resources hence rendering it more competitive and profitable. Juanita may achieve this through a number of ways including examining and reviewing employee’s benefits and salary, employee recognition, creating an environment that encourages flexibility and trust, having clear organizational goals, and investing in employee development XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is entitled to address these issues on time because it may be costly for the organization to hire and train new employees.   

Forms of Organizational Policies to Avoid Risks of Discipline Because of the legal and ethical risks associated with unfair or discriminatory employee discharge, the organizations must develop policies and standards to guide supervisors and managers on how to discipline and discharge low-performing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX on the basis of their performance in order to encourage hard XXXXXXXXXXXXXX encourage high-performing employees by rewarding the more while low performing employees will not meet expectations hence they will feel XXXXXXXXXXXXX goals must be achievable within the stipulated deadlines, failure to which the responsible person will be rated low. In addition, the HRM must communicate consequences of violating the set rules to all XXXXXXXXXXXXX will have no room in the organization since they are unable to follow the rules or meet acceptable performance…

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